You are ready, ready, ready for big pay days.
And clients who light you up.
You have some clients. And you make some money.
But you’re not impressed by your own business.

You’ve gotten tastes of how amazing it feels to work with people who grow because of what you’re pouring into them.

You want more of that.
You also want to make more money easier.
You’re ready to have a real impact.
You just don’t know what pieces you’re missing.
What would it take to get you there?

You have a big vision but feel held back by your struggle, a lack of money to pay bills on time, and when you’re trying to figure out how to pay the bills, you’re losing time you could spend working toward the bigger vision.

Or maybe your bills get paid but you’re always tied up in minutiae, distracted by unimportant projects, reacting to others’ agendas instead of setting one.

Oh-ho, baby, I KNOW what you’re going through!

You have gifts, talents, knowledge, all of it with the power to change lives, but you feel like your life hasn’t changed. At least not in any measurable way. 

You want more fun in your life, more fulfillment from creating an impact, and more money so you can keep working and living at higher levels.



The Benefits of 90 Days of Coaching with Rosella:

  • Feel the love with twelve (12) 45-minute coaching calls over 12 weeks so you EXPERIENCE RAPID BREAKTHROUGHS!
  • Sleep easier knowing that any time an issue comes up between our calls, you have my UNLIMITED SUPPORT and you can reach me via email or Facebook messenger and you are my priority
  • TURN UP THE VOLUME ON YOUR INTUITION so you can lead your business by following your gut and doing things in feel-good ways for the best possible results
  • Enjoy MORE MONEY as it flows in more easily and quicker than ever before
  • HEAR THE ANGELS SING when you get clear on exactly what you believe in and put it into words so you can share
  • REALIZE ALL THAT IS POSSIBLE and expand your vision
  • Wake up EXCITED and MOTIVATED to make BIG shit happen, and able to SEE THE SIGNS that it is so!
  • GROW YOUR TRIBE by drawing out the influencer in you and creating space for anyone with whom your message resonates

Find Out If This Is For You