Are you a woman who sees a million possibilities and is excited to reach for them? Are you ready to build a life on your own terms, running a business that helps others to live better lives? Do you hear the call to live a life of greater purpose?

I sure am, and I love working with other women who feel the same way.

Let me admit something. I'm not the woman I thought I'd be. Nope. And what of the woman I've become? I'm a woman and an entrepreneur. I believe in abundance and work daily on my wealth mindset. I focus on growth every day of my life. I have a burning desire to help other women lead empowered, heart-filling, soul-feeding lives.

It took me almost 25 years to learn that there is no "us" and "them"; there are no special people that can have things others can't. There are only people who say, "But I can't have that; I'm not them," and those who say, "Anything is possible for me."

These are people who, with assistance, can access their godliness and live in a world of their own creations, sweeter than Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

I'm excited to serve entrepreneurs and Blossoming Leaders called to change the lives of millions and who desire to become Gold Toilet Rich. To get you there? I help you learn how to access your godliness so you can create the rosier life you've been praying for.

This work grew out of my talents, passions and needs. I'm surprised by how natural my path seems now in hindsight.

The truth is, I knew from 14 that I really didn't want a full-time job when I grew up. That's when I interned at the Environmental Protection Agency. I don't know what role the work I did played in the larger picture of protecting our Mother Earth. I just know I spent 6 weeks that summer sitting in a cubicle, walking past homeless people each morning on my way in, and freezing in the A/C while listening to Hanson on my mom's yellow Walkman. My eyes struggled to stay open in the fluorescent lighting. I just couldn't wait to be done.

I've held other in-office jobs and they all just ended up the same: soul-sucking torture fests.

Some people are built for that life. I'm not about it. (And you're in the right place if you're not about that 9-5 life either, unless you recognize it as a temporary stepping stone to something bigger for you.)

Seriously, many phases of my life I spent just waiting to be done.

Even as the daughter of a small business owner, it took me a shockingly long time to realize that choosing to avoid the 9-5 path meant I was choosing to be an entrepreneur.

At first, I wanted to take what I'd learned studying journalism at Temple University and use it in a career as a freelance magazine writer. I imagined myself writing long features for glossy national pubs like Marie Claire, penning recipes for Bon Appétit, and building a following by blogging about romantic relationships à la Ms. Carrie Bradshaw.

Actually, I even started an online magazine while in college that made maybe $10 from 4 issues. And I dreamed that I might someday found and edit a publication for 20-35 year olds who live in Philadelphia, but I'll have to find  a money guy, I thought.

Post-graduation, I ended up writing about business, the arts and hard news for Philly-area publications, and wrote a few pieces for Pacific Standard, and Philadelphia magazine. 

In a sense I was successful and with patience and passion, I could've gone much farther in that career. Something felt off and I couldn't admit that to myself until much later (actually multiple versions of this About page later), so that 'off' feeling led me to bail on my journalism career to find another way to make a lot more money that felt good.

I felt really passionate that I should be able to do work that I truly enjoyed while raking in the dough. (I firmly believe, by the way, that when something feels like it just has to be possible, it most definitely is. We could never imagine something for our lives that is actually impossible.)

I also worked at a PR agency, and most of my time there was spent wishing I was somewhere else. It led me to start working as a marketing consultant to my own clients. That wasn't where my heart was either!

I am a... Woman first. Writer second. Entrepreneur third. 

On my own growth journey, I've seen several shifts in my business (who I serve and how I serve them has evolved and I'm no longer doing what I was doing in the beginning). And I'm so excited to share my history with my clients as they make their own.

Again, I help my clients tap into their God-like power, and express themselves fully with the life and business that reflect the magnificence within them.

Are you ready to access your God-likeness to shift worlds around you?