Access Your Godliness Challenge 1.0

The Access Your Godliness 6-Day Challenge runs from June 11 - 16, 2017.

Our Access Your Godliness Challenge for you if...

  • You want more in your life
  • You want to erase feelings of guilt for wanting more
  • You have felt something left desired by Christianity, Catholicism or any other organized religion
  • You have struggled with Law of Attraction as it's taught by others
  • You have struggled with self-confidence
  • You need a new definition of feel-good

Throughout the course of the Challenge, you'll...

  • Dance in your underwear to your jam -- and understand exactly why that's critical to living the life you desire -- so go ahead and strip down!
  • Walk as a giant through darkness -- and contemplate the real might of you to mold the world around you -- and I promise you won't really walk alone!
  • Challenge your own notions (and others') of your ability to master your destiny -- and come to a new understanding -- so get ready to shake it up!
  • Finish the challenge with your own key to unlock your power to create worlds -- a place from which you can do/be/have anything -- and you'll see it right there in your hand!

Day 1 Assignment

Your exercise today is simple. Open up and post three words as your status:


You may feel some resistance to this. Notice it, but move ahead and take the action.

Add the hashtag #accessyourgodliness, so I can see it.

Day 2 Assignment

Your exercise today is so much fun!

Identify your ultimate HAPPY SONG. Something that almost inexplicably makes you irrationally happy. And then share the YouTube video in our Facebook group.

I want you to literally dance to it. Bonus points if you're in your underwear. 

Day 3 Assignment

Your exercise today is so powerful... Here it is:

Take a walk alone. Either in nature during the day or wait until after dark.  

After you've taken your walk, share a written post or video here in the group. Tell us -- was this unusual for you, or normal? How did it feel?

Day 5 Assignment

Your exercise today calls for deeper reflection... Here it is:

Pick a number. Any number less than your current age. Perhaps it's 11 or 17...

Think of YOU at that age. What was she hoping for? What excited her? What was she scared of?

Your assignment today is to write a letter to this younger you. Tell her in this letter what your life looks like now. Where do you live? Who do you love? What do you do with your days? What excites you now? What are your big goals?

And what have you asked for that you have already received? Tell her all of this in the letter. 

Share the letter in our Facebook group if you dare. If you don't want to share the full letter, share with us 1 big takeaway from the exercise.

Day 4 Assignment

Your exercise today calls for reflection... Here it is:

Make a list: Things I Do That Light Me Up.

The stuff that makes the list should be stuff that makes you feel refreshed, energized, happy, grateful. There will generally be two types of actions that make the list: (1) expressions, where you give of yourself to the world, and (2) receptions, where you're receiving something - even if just a gift from yourself.

Day 6 Assignment

Your exercise today calls for measurement -- let's see how far you've come... Here it is:

Put on your high-vibe song from Day 2. Say aloud, as you listen or after, "I AM GOD." Feel how your emotions have shifted when you say this powerful phrase now versus when you spoke/shared it on Sunday. You may even, if you feel so called, put this as your status again. 

Share your takeaways in our Facebook group.