How You Can Experience More Ease As You Build Your Business

How You Can Experience More Ease As You Build Your Business

This is a question that could change your life if you are honest with yourself. Here it is:


What changes could you make in your life and business to experience more ease, even if you don't actually see how it could be done?


For me, the answers include:

  • Hiring an assistant to schedule my newsletters and solo mailers

  • Having someone else edit my availability for Welcome and Discover Calls via my scheduler

  • Batch meals made and frozen in individual containers so that eating when hungry is easy & filling

  • Help with laundry

  • A housekeeper to clean my kitchen and bathroom

  • An assistant who could run errands like donating books and clothes when I'm in a decluttering mood

  • Help turning livestream videos I do into other forms of content

A lot of this can be accomplished by hiring an assistant with a will-do attitude. And in moments of fear, I get stuck in my head about affording the help, but I truly don't think I can afford to keep operating without this help. These tasks take up so much energy that could be better spent serving others.

Start getting clear on what you desire as far as assistance to grow your business, and all other things you desire.

Admit It: You're Sick Of Yourself

Admit It: You're Sick Of Yourself

In the study of the Law of Attraction, wealth consciousness, and positive thinking, many are under the impression that they aren’t allowed to be unhappy with themselves. You can’t say out loud or even write how disgusted you are with yourself, can you?

Seriously, you’re not alone if that’s how you feel….

Hating yourself and terrified to admit it.

You can’t pretend that everything is fine when you’re bored with your own limitations, annoyed that you struggle to focus on anything but lack, pissed off that you haven’t allowed yourself to move past the level you’re operating at, and generally just wishing you could skip through all this bullshit to be the woman you’ve always wanted to be.


FEEL it. Don’t ignore it. Don’t push it down. Move it through your system.

My method of choice is journaling. When I feel this way, I write it out.

Like this one time… A couple of days after a client-initiated chargeback was ruled in their favor (moral of the story: PayPal doesn’t help service providers), I was in a funk. I was feeling held back, and generally really tired of my own crap. I wrote it out. It looked like this:

“There’s so much contrast in my life right now. I am honestly sick of myself. Tired of my programming, my thoughts, my lack of confidence, my patterns. 

“So sick of myself!

“I need something to change. I need a fucking breakthrough.

“I’ve had tastes of life as the woman I want to be.

“I’m tired of me.

“I want change! I do. I want change more than I want the comfort of sameness.

“I’m tired of playing small. Tired of hiding from responsibility. Tired of feeling undesirable…

“I’m tired of slouching. 

“I want to feel safe. But I want to grow. I challenge my programming which thinks that perpetual doubt/lack is ‘safe.’ Just because I know that life well doesn’t mean it’s safe. I want the safety that comes from having thousands in savings (or more).”

Wow. That’s some self-loathing, huh?

The truth, though, is that true self-love, confidence and success can’t be had until you move through the self-loathing.

So, put it to a boil and let it bubble over. Then you’ll notice the heat go down.

You can also turn to tapping (or Emotional Freedom Technique) to move through these emotions.

When I journaled out these emotions, I was able to move forward, busting through my blocks and restoring my own confidence, and I know it all happened quicker than if I’d tried to ignore the angst.

What are you TRULY feeling in this moment? How do you feel about your progress? Remember: it’s safe for you to admit your feelings so you can move on. 


You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Rosella LaFevre is the Business Coach helping women entrepreneurs master mindset and intuitive marketing so they can enjoy a life lived on purpose. Get the FREE report on the #1 Secret to Signing 1:1 Clients:

How to Know You're Meant for Big Success

How to Know You're Meant for Big Success

Even just 6 months ago, here’s where I was: Desiring $10,000 months. Not much more. Just enough to live comfortably. Serving clients alone. No help needed. Just doing my part to help a few clients.

I certainly didn’t want fame or feel called to have a major impact.

Except…. I did!

It was all there, beneath the surface. Beneath the need to be “satisfied” and “realistic.” I put them in quotes because they really are farcical concepts to me.

Are you ever truly satisfied? If NOT, you’re in the right place.

Does it boil your blood when someone tells you to be realistic? If YES, you’re in the right place.

Here’s what I know about myself and about you:

  • We’ve got something fucking important to say.
  • We’re changemakers.
  • We’re legendary leaders.
  • We’re blossoming leaders, always growing.
  • We’re meant to better the lives of millions while we’re here.
  • We’re here to rise from obscurity and share our message with the world.
  • We’re excited by the challenges we face in heeding that call to help millions.
  • We know the power in us to create our own realities.
  • We know the power in us to help others improve their realities.
  • We are meant for BIG fucking things in 2017.

I know I am these things. Am I right in my statements about you?

If this feels kind of true… Like you want it to be true… Then it IS!

You just need to embrace these things as part of who you are. Undeniable.

I want to help those of you who feel this way… You know you’re a BIG FUCKING DEAL and you want to make sure 2017 is the year that the world starts to recognize you.

Sign up for a 15 minute discussion with me about how I can help you step into those big shoes the Universe is urging you to walk around in.

First, I'll want to know, are they Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo or another fabulous brand? Share in the comments ;)

Stand Out With Words: Get Their Bloody Attention

Stand Out With Words: Get Their Bloody Attention

These are some of the unique terms I use in my business:

Gold Toilet Rich 

Blossoming Leader


Content Diarrhea



I’ll tell you what they mean in a moment, but just look at them.

No one in business, mindset or marketing coaching are using these names for the things I am.

How did I get to the point of creating and using these nouns the way I do?

Someone challenged me to write a list of 10 words or phrases that I could use that are unique to me. Like she uses the word “cray” and rightly calls herself a Heart Warrior. (You may know her: Courtney Nicole Good.)

At first, I STRUGGLED to think of words. I could only think of words that others used and I was bored by myself. (I now realize that as an American using the word “bloody” and calling friends/acquaintances “love” when I talk to them makes me stand out already.)

I let it percolate. And new phrases and words for things come to me regularly.

First came GOLD TOILET RICH, which grew out of a post I wrote about the things I want in my life. I want a “gold toilet, just because.” And then I realized there was something to it… I wanted to be Gold Toilet Rich. It means two things: (1) having enough money to actually a gold toilet if I want, or (2) having the money to live a life of financial freedom and to buy your own GOLD TOILET, something you want for yourself that others in your life probably won’t understand. 

A BLOSSOMING LEADER is my name not just for those in my community but for anyone entrepreneurial who was born for big things and is constantly focused on their personal and professional growth.

The GREENHOUSE is my name for my community. I create a space where it is safe for my Blossoming Leaders to keep growing.

CONTENT DIARRHEA came to me the other day while writing copy that explained that the prescription for some of the common problems service entrepreneurs experience (lack of money, struggling to write content, etc) is revisiting your message. I was writing about the “side effects” of having a powerful message. Content Diarrhea is one of them. It’s what happens when you have a message you’re so passionate about that all your written copy just pours out of you.

#HolyFuckYes is something that came to mind the other day. I’ve always loved four-letter words, particularly fuck. I learned it in 5th grade and I’ve always been fascinated by its ability to upset people. It’s just a word! But that’s basically the exclamation in my head when I’m really excited about something.

A NAPSTER is someone who wants everything for free. And, just like it took forever to download one song on Napster all those years ago, when you’re a Napster, everything takes longer than if you paid for what you want and need.

I’m not telling you this with the intent that you manufacture a bunch of language to stand out. First open yourself up to it. Ask the Universe for the inspiration to find your own words for things. And be open. Journal about it. Really give these things time to develop.

I covered this more in depth, including explaining more about how I came up with this language, in my Message Masterclass.

When you have unique language like this, it helps capture people’s attention. It doesn’t make your message any more valuable -- that has to be powerful on its own -- but people may be completely blind to your message until your strong language gets their eyes GLUED to you.

Stand Out: Make The Competition Irrelevant & Win Over Fans & Clients

Stand Out: Make The Competition Irrelevant & Win Over Fans & Clients

I meet other entrepreneurs. They tell me what they do. 

Five minutes later, I can't remember their names or what they do or who they serve.

Have you noticed this too? You engage in conversations and you completely forget them later that day, maybe even 5 minutes later? You could blame how much you’ve got going on but part of you think it’s because they haven’t done that good a job of standing out.

And, OH.MY.GOD, are YOU failing to stand out? Do people forget YOU right after they talk with you?

Now, let me pretend to be completely humble and say: It’s possible that I have room for improvement in my own message and the way I talk about my business. 

AND YET! I'm damn and deeply sure that most people who encounter my content these days have a very clear sense of who I work with, what I help them with and what I help them achieve.

They know that I'm the Mindset and Marketing Coach to entrepreneurs and Blossoming Leaders called to better the lives of millions and who aspire to be Gold Toilet Rich. 

No lie, I’ve been publicly thanked in Facebook Groups for the content I share, which has added so much value to the members of those groups, and I’ve received private messages like one I got today that told me:

“Sending you some cheers and a high five for your enthusiasm and energy in biz lately. Keep up the great work! You are a refreshing face and vibe in a sea of coaching and that matters greatly.”

I am very grateful for these kind of responses to let me know I’m doing something right.

Showing up in a unique way, loud, and somewhere on the in-your-face scale is key to having a major impact and gigantic paydays.

Some of the hallmarks of my approach to standing out:

  1. Putting my name and face on my work. I’m constantly posting content with selfies so people see my face and can remember me rather than remembering the color scheme of my memes.
  2. Telling personal stories of failure AND success. I get unflinchingly REAL and share true stories from my life (and my client work), ESPECIALLY when I fear how the facts of a situation might make me look. If I’m a little embarrassed about something, I make it my duty to share the crap out it. This suits me as I highly value transparency and I’ve seen how much others respond to it.
  3. Having a message about the transformation that I believe is possible for any entrepreneur. It makes it clear to people what I see for them and how I think they can get there. All of my content revolves around this message and making it digestible for my audience. Get the Message Masterclass for just $47 >>
  4. Using me-specific words and phrases. Using words and phrases like “Gold Toilet Rich” and “Blossoming Leaders” make me stand out. People can’t forget “Gold Toilet Rich.”

Don’t settle for being just another health & fitness coach, or another marketing consultant, or another business coach. Don’t let yourself blend in. Or worse... 


Out of business. Out of clients. Out of money.

What Election Day Taught Me About Myself As A Leader

What Election Day Taught Me About Myself As A Leader

I’m emotional today. I’ve cried. Sobbed. Blown crazy amounts of snot out of my nose.

Yes, this is election related but it’s about so much more than who won the election held in the United States.

I’ve seen people I respect writing to their audiences that entrepreneurs must not be distracted by this. And that their disbelief over this man’s victory is probably a sign of some discord in their own businesses. That didn’t sit too well with me.

I am passionately an entrepreneur. But I am also passionately a woman, passionately an American, and passionately a believer and supporter of democracy.

In fact, I was on my feet for about 13 hours yesterday running a polling place in Philadelphia as Judge of Elections. It is my passion that kept me going, and even running on fumes. And that’s the kind of passion that makes an entrepreneur successful at what they do. But more about that in a minute….

As Judge of Elections, I must keep things nonpartisan and create a safe place for individuals to vote their conscience. (I could crack a joke here about people’s consciences needing a date or 20 with a psychologist, but I won’t.)

  • I keep the environment free of talk of specific candidates.
  • I keep voters from taking photos or shooting video inside to prevent intimidation.
  • I keep the ballots that committee people hand to voters as they walk in from being left around.
  • I keep my poll workers running as efficiently as possible so our lines move quickly and people can vote.
  • I make phone calls downtown to figure out where voters who don’t actually know where they’re supposed to be voting from should go to make sure their vote is effective.

Judge of Elections is a position I’ve held for 9 elections (twice a year, every year, I’m there) to ensure that Americans -- 800 of them in my division -- can access their right to vote. Where I live, it means setting up machines, setting up the paperwork process and ensuring its smooth operation, and closing the machines at night while getting the results to the City so reporting is done as swiftly as possible and people can know within hours who has won.

I was baptized to the job under fire: the woman who had been Judge of Elections in my polling place for over 40 years died suddenly and I had to take over with very little training or warning on the day of the General election in 2012 that saw Obama reelected to the highest office in the land. And for those of you who vote only once or twice every 4 years, you need to know we get a LOT more traffic during Presidential elections than any other. In my division, which has some 800 registered voters, we see about 50-100 during a non-Presidential election and yesterday, we had 422 vote in my division.

I also want to mention that my voting place serves two divisions and I am often the only one with the knowledge to keep the place running. And while some can do this job and see it as just that: some hours they're putting in for a paycheck; I have definitely felt the intense weight of ensuring these 100s of voters make their voices heard.

My Judgeship has been a direct parallel to my journey as an Entrepreneur. I never expected to be here. And some days it doesn’t go how I want and I contemplate quitting, but it’s just not possible for me to quit.

Because as much as I believe in my ability to create a life for myself and make as much money as I wish doing something I love, I believe it is critical that we vote and that we value and defend democracy.

Yes, there is corruption in politics. No, the system isn’t perfect. (I’d personally like to do away with the Electoral College.) Yes, sometimes I fear that it is more like the show Scandal than we even know.

But I still believe in the power of democracy and of choice. I believe that the action of voting taken by millions of people shapes our present and our future. I believe that it is important to come together and decide who we are and what we want moving forward as a country just as I believe it is important that my clients do that for themselves in their lives & businesses.

Every single day you vote. You make choices about your own identity & beliefs. You make choices that affect other people, even people you have never seen or spoken to. You make choices that change the future for you and the world at large.

Are you voting your conscience? Are you voting with love or with fear?

Because that… THAT is why I cry today. While it is my job to not show partisan favoritism in the polling place, I am and will always be WITH HER, and I am devastated that she lost. Devastated that the vision she has for America is not the one that won the Electoral College. (Though we must remember she won the popular vote!) Devastated that the fear and anger spouted by the other guy was so well-received that the margin in the popular vote was only about 200,000 votes.

I am devastated that those who support the male candidate (I can't speak his name or write it) want me to shut up about my disappointment. These people clearly do not understand how democracy works. The votes have been cast and a winner decided, and I have to accept that, but I do not have to like it. I do not have to shut up. I do not have to hold back my tears.

I am allowed to feel the same shock, shame and embarrassment over this election that I'd feel if my loving, tells-me-I-can-do-anything boyfriend said to me, "Bitch, go make me a sandwich."

No, I didn't vote for her just because she's a woman. Or because I thought she was the lesser of two evils. I had my love affair with Bernie, too, but I also realized that the thoughts I was thinking that told me not to like her weren't coming from my own inner voice. They were put there by people who wanted Trump to win. And so, as the election drew nearer, I fell more and more in love with my candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

As an entrepreneur, I can see how some shifts in her campaign, some shifts in how she presented herself and went about attracting supporters could have changed the results.

As an enlightened human being, I'm beyond saddened that fear and hate won.

I share all of this because (1) it's who I am and you should know who I am so you know whether or not you like me, and (2) you can learn something from this. Know that you are worthy of serving a purpose in life that you are endlessly passionate about. So passionate that you can run on fumes and you do it not just for yourself but for all the people you're serving.

Are you that passionate about how you serve and what you have to say to the world?

I.M.I.T.A.T.E. Your Way to Success

I.M.I.T.A.T.E. Your Way to Success

I've got some advice that's going to sound weird… buckle in! Here we

I want you to-

IMITATE your way to success.

No, I don't want you to copy somebody else.
That's crap. It's not how you become successful. Success is truly achieved
when you have an amazing impact by being the truest version of you.

So lemme break it down:

I - *Incant* the power deep within you to affect the lives of millions
M - Master a *Message* to be shared with groups and individuals that
demonstrates your deepest-held beliefs about the possibilities of life and
the transformations required to get there.
I - Understand the *Impact* you desire to have and realize how much of an
*impact* you’ve already had on the world.
T - *Tell* the world what you can do for them, and share your message
A - Open yourself up & *attract* the people who most need to hear your
soul’s message.
T - Learn to *Trust* your ability & *trust* the results before they show
E - Live in such a way that not only are you *Energized* but you *energize*
others with your message, your talents, and everything else that you were
put on earth to share.

Sometimes we’re told to “fake it until we make it.” I don’t want
you to fake it, but it’d be great if you’d IMITATE it until you’ve
made it.

Imagine letting go of all fears and sabotaging behaviors that keep you from
the glory of high service rewarded by a growing number of raving fans and a
bank account that grows exponentially.

Seriously- ‼️?‼️
How'd you like to have a message you so fervently believe that you never
tire of talking about it AND all the money you could possibly desire comes
from sharing that message?

What would it mean to you to speak so clearly and powerfully in all your
content that your audience effortlessly grows?

Can you imagine how cool it would be to be recognized for your vital
message by...
Former coworkers?
Former schoolmates?
Former teachers & administrators?
Ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends?
Total strangers?
Book editors?
Conference organizers who want you to speak?

Imagine the interviews with newspapers, magazines, radio, TV shows, blogs,
podcasts, and web shows. Imagine the speeches given at career days,
TED/TEDx events, industry conferences, and libraries. Imagine the 100s or
1000s who will work 1:1 with you and experience a deep transformation.
Imagine the 1000s or 1,000,000s who might read your books or watch your

Are you ready to take the first steps to get there?

Book a 15 minute discussion with me to see how I can help you achieve the next level of success.

It's Easier To Struggle Than Live With A Vision Others Can't See

It's Easier To Struggle Than Live With A Vision Others Can't See


I see the big things coming my way. The clients and the dolla-dolla bills. The first-class plane tickets to luxe locales. The finest hotel rooms during my business travels. The king size bed in a two-bedroom apartment. 

But today, I had a breakdown.

NOT the breakdowns of my past.
NOT where I ask what I’m doing wrong.
NOT where I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.
NOT where I’m wondering what I need to do next to make shit happen.

This breakdown I had?
It was about begging for my boyfriend to have patience. To hold space for what I am TELLING him I have CALLED IN and CONSIDER DONE.

I keep telling him I’m making $11,874 this week.

I’ve made many offers this week, and I may not see the exact “how” of that money coming into my life, but I KNOW it’s coming.

By the way, you should know that my boyfriend is so supportive. When I used to say in moments of defeat, “Maybe I’ll just go get a job,” he’d tell me I didn’t need to do that. He’d say stuff like, “I know how painful that would be for you, you don’t have to.”

Today, our cell phone bill was due. The cash to pay it just hadn’t shown up… EXCEPT I’d found a $50 gift card from Sprint in my purse that I could use toward our bill. And I knew that I knew that I KNEW that this $50 gift card was a reminder that money comes to me easily at all times. 

He said, "I know you don't want to, but I suggest..." and listed off his suggestions, which included me going back with my tail between my legs to a gig I quit only when I woke up with total faith that it was time to do so. I understood where he was coming from. And frankly I felt downright guilty and selfish that every single one of my 50 trillion cells screamed, "noooooooo! You can't do that!!!"

I told my boyfriend that I appreciated his suggestions and his own bargaining about how he would help fix the situation. I knew something would work out so our cell service would be working just fine for his shift delivering pizzas. I had FAITH. I had faith about much more than that too, but it was the immediate problem. I took as many different actions as possible toward solving the issue.

Finally, something I told myself wasn't an option and wouldn't work just came together LIKE THAT!

I could have cried. I definitely smiled and whooped a bit and fell back in my seat, a long exhale escaping from my lips.

And I told my boyfriend then, again, that I AM bringing in $11,874 or better this week. I feel it so deeply it's like I can see it. That's when I told him that I carry some shame and judgment over how good of a partner I am. And I told him how I felt like others judge me like they would judge someone foretelling the coming of Jesus.

Begging for others to see your vision feels impossible. It feels like you're a crazy person when you think of how others see you.

When you've let go of the struggle, there is a time period where your reality is catching up. You know you're the rich child of an abundant universe and you know the money has been earmarked for you in the Universe's budget.

That's when you will feel a new kind of crazy. You're a prophet and others can't see what you see. 

You feel selfish.
You worry about being wrong and yet something tells you you aren't.

Conviction is required. Conviction may be the most difficult and yet most easy thing ever. When you aren't used to the cost of conviction, it can feel expensive.

But giving up your conviction? That's easy. You could slide right back into struggle and you know the deal there. Struggle and you are old friends. It's easy to say you cut off struggle but to slink back with your head hanging low. 

So you have to bear with the "I feel like people think I'm crazy but I KNOW I'm right" tape until you are proven right.

You have to look for evidence, vigilantly, that your vision is true.

That gift card I got today? Evidence that money comes to me easily in expected and unexpected ways.

That way to handle my bill that I thought was closed off to me? Evidence that we don't need to know the how when we take the first step.

The feeling of great relief when I had dealt with that bill? Evidence of my release of the struggle; evidence of the power of my faithfully held vision for my life.

You're worthy of what you want most. You're also capable of the growth required of you to get there. You simply choose to see it as done, hold the conviction that it is, and keep moving forward until and as it manifests.

No one has to understand the vision. You just have to understand that they don't understand and you have to know that pushing on, even when others do not understand and may even judge you, is your task.

It is easier to struggle than to be the woman with vision, but it's the woman with vision who will live an incredible, drool-worthy life complete with Gold Toilet Riches.

Set Yourself Free & Step Into Alignment

Set Yourself Free & Step Into Alignment

I made a decision this morning to pursue a life -- and business -- sharing the message that is truest to my soul. See, I believe when you set yourself free, you’ll be surprised by how fast the Gold Toilet Riches flow in and by the magnitude of your impact on the world.

This is what I dedicate my life to: helping myself and others choose EVERY SINGLE DAY to be FREE so they can live the life of their dreams.

What do I mean?

Every day, you wake up and you have a little bit of time before the thoughts of the day before catch up with you. You can choose to feel good and happy today, or to carry the stress and worry of yesterday through today. This is one of the best times you can choose, every single day, to set yourself free.

Beyond that, there are the pains we carry from our earliest memories, and limiting beliefs that tell us we can’t do it, we’re failures, we shouldn’t even try.

We hold ourselves back because of the responses we imagine our dearest loved ones having to our success. Or we seek to

When you work to free yourself of all this, you allow yourself to feel faith, confidence, happiness and courage. You move forward in your life because you’ve released the blocks to your alignment.

Success leaves clues and the most successful women entrepreneurs have said the most fundamental truth is this:
✨ Get into alignment to help those clients, and they’ll flow in.
✨ Get into alignment with $10k, $20k, $100k months, and they’ll flow in.
✨ Get into alignment with first-class flights, five-star hotels, the best restaurants and luxury fashion, and they’ll all flow in.
✨ Get into alignment for high-value men and they’ll flow in.

And let me tell you: ANY work you do to release, to free yourself of these blocks, is a step forward. The only way you can get this wrong is to ignore mindset work and keep trying to barrel through when you have erected a million roadblocks for yourself.

I've used lots of techniques to free myself. You can...
👍 Meditate, guided or unguided (this quiets worries and fear and helps you get into alignment)
👍 Journal this shit out (message me and I can send you my JOURNAL TO RICHES challenge content)
👍 Tap your way out (do a YouTube search for "emotional freedom technique" or "tapping")
👍 Rewrite limiting beliefs and old memories through Matrix Reimprinting (I suggest my coach Jen for this - find her at
👍 Work in the Akashic Records with a trained reader (I love Rozlyn Warren of and Joanna Turner for this)
👍 Have Reiki or other energetic healing done
👍 Work with a kinesiologist or an acupuncturist
👍 And more...

What do you need to let go of to come into alignment? What does a life in alignment feel like?

You can CLAIM that right now. Go on, say it: "I let go of my blocks, I step into alignment, and I claim it now."

Get support to unshackle yourself from your limitations. Let's talk for 15 minutes about how I can help.

You Can Accomplish More In A Day Than Most Do In A Year

You Can Accomplish More In A Day Than Most Do In A Year

It is possible to accomplish more in a day than most people do in a year. 

Then the key is to make that a habit.

To start, you can even set the bar kind of low.

For instance, most people do NO mindset work. So if you do even 10 minutes, you're ahead of the game.

Most people do not write even though they feel they have a book inside of them. I can commit to writing at least 100 words a day. Easy! 

Then track yourself. As much as it is possible to measure your efforts and output, do so. 

Track, track, track. 

It takes 21 days to form a habit. Focus on accomplishing more than most people in 1-3 areas of your life for 21 days. 

Then raise the bar on those habits (ex. I can aim for 500 words each day), for another 21 days or begin to cultivate new habits. A tier 2 habit for me may be 10 minutes of exercise per day. 

Stack these 21 day sprints on top of each other. Soon you'll be accomplishing in a year what most can't accomplish in a lifetime.

This is how to become exceptional. It's simple, isn't it?

I woke up with this glorious message in my head this morning. I'm blown away, honestly by this profound stuff!

Choose to be exceptional.

Here's a video I recorded, with sleep still in my eyes, about this.

Right now, I'm looking for 15 women to join my new 4-week program, WOMAN WITH WINGS.

4 weeks to flying through life with faith, confidence and your desired cash flow. 

  • Figure out what no longer serves you and build an action plan to remove these circumstances from your life
  • Bust through some of the most common blocks that hold back the woman entrepreneur who aspires to become Gold Toilet Rich
  • Identify what kind of woman who want to be and step into her shoes
  • Master your message and marketing to get clients and make cash fast in your business

Through the course of this program, you'll experience a lightened sense of being, a deep excitement about your life and renewed passion for your business.

It's 4 weekly calls at 8 p.m. Eastern on Mondays starting Nov 7, 2016, and a private Facebook group.

When you invest in the VIP level, you'll get 2 BONUS 30-minute calls with me.


Woman With Wings for $199 -

Woman With Wings VIP with 2 BONUS 30-minute calls for $399 -

Ask me any questions about the Woman With Wings program:

This Is All So I Can Prove To Myself I'm Capable & Worthy

This Is All So I Can Prove To Myself I'm Capable & Worthy

I'm going to prove it to myself.

My inner voice said that to me loud and clear this morning while I was journaling.

It would be cool if a bunch of people are convinced along the way. Won over. But it's not about that, ultimately.

Everything I'm going after, I just want to prove it to myself hat I'm capable and worthy.

Here's a video I recorded right after I had this revelation.

COMMENT BELOW: Are you looking to prove it to yourself? What else motivates you?

How To Have More Energy For Your Business

How To Have More Energy For Your Business

Want to have more energy for your business?

There's really one simple -- though perhaps not entirely easy -- step you need to take. Watch the video for more.

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Tough Stuff in Life & Business

Tough Stuff in Life & Business

I talked to you yesterday in the middle of my struggle over some emotional stuff I had going on. (Watch the video here.)

Today, the fog lifted and I had massive clarity on what I needed to do.

Sometimes you'll have tough stuff come up. Stuff you don't know how to handle and that weighs on you for a while.

But I find it's like a tough piece of meat. If you keep chewing, you'll be able to swallow it eventually. May not taste as nice as a yummy, tender, juicy piece of steak, right? But those tough cuts make you enjoy the really tasty stuff.

So if you're struggling, keep chewing. The answers, and the courage you need to make your next actions "easy," will come!

COMMENT BELOW: What tough stuff have you faced recently that eased up on its own?

Are You Open For Business? A Common Mistake Entrepreneurs Make

Are You Open For Business? A Common Mistake Entrepreneurs Make

Are you open for business?

It's a really important question.

The most common mistake I see entrepreneurs making is failing to let people know they are taking clients and exactly how someone could get started working with them.

Instead, I see people complain they don't have the sales coming in. But they never put out offers. They never reach out to potential clients. They don't even tell their family and friends what they do.

Don't make this mistake. Open yourself up for business.

COMMENT BELOW: Is there any way you've hid from truly being open to the business? What can you do today to let people know you're taking clients?

A Message Recorded for You in the Middle of My Own Struggle

A Message Recorded for You in the Middle of My Own Struggle

Struggle. Everyone, no matter how successful, struggles at some point, whether emotionally or in some other way. I love the authenticity of entrepreneurs who admit when they're having a tough day.

So I'm walking my talk and admitting that today was a rough day. I filmed this video in the middle of it.

COMMENT BELOW: How often do you feel yourself struggling? Are you ready to get help?

Hit PUBLISH Especially If It Scares You

Hit PUBLISH Especially If It Scares You

Hit PUBLISH. Especially, ESPECIALLY when you're scared.

The more I learn about triggers and Universal Assignments, the more I realize that people whose feelings are hurt by something are upset because they've just had a mirror turned upon them and they don't like what they see reflected back to them.

They are UNCOMFORTABLE because they do not like the self-belief that you've shone a light on. They are UPSET because they don't like who they think they are. They are BUTTHURT because, damn, they really can't deal with the TRUTH you've just shared.

And the more I push myself to be really frigging true to the messages sitting on my heart each day, the more I come up against this fear that people won't like what I have to say.


Because I KNOW that my mission in life, even deeper than showing women how to master their mindset and their marketing, is to push others to embrace their possibilities while enjoying their current reality.

With my mission in mind, I know that I cannot wimp out. I can't be afraid to push boundaries by pushing publish. I HAVE to get the fuck over myself and be OK with polarizing people, with making them face the false and fear-based self-beliefs that keep them from living the great possible life, and with losing friends and fans who don't like what I have to say.

When I stand behind my message, especially the ones that make people uncomfortable, I am standing up for the work I was put here to do. It's not really about me, it's about the healing that is meant to flow through me.

I believe I'm channeling Universe or God wisdom when I speak from a place of truth and love. When I am working with clients and ideas come about how they can expand their business or improve their mindset, I don't really think it's me. It's not *my* brilliance, but my intuition and channeling a deeper source.

And so, coming at content with this mindset, I am asking myself daily, "What do I feel called to talk about? What do my friends, clients, and 'fans' have to hear from me today?" I am sharing what comes up. And I LOVE when I feel like I'm about to ruffle some feathers. That's when I feel like what I'm saying is the truest truth I could possibly share.

So, feeling called to talk about something but you're scared to actually hit publish? I get it. I've been there. I keep pushing myself to end up in that space. And then I go ahead and hit "publish" anyway.

Give it a try.

I recorded a video about this today. Watch it here or on YouTube.

COMMENT: What do you want to say but worry it'll ruffle some feathers? What will you PUBLISH this week despite the fear? Tell us below.