I wanted to share with you today the rules I created by which I market my business. These rules make it straightforward to know what my bare-minimum actions are each day.

Knowing what I'm responsible for each day makes it easier to get those things done, and leaves room to do other things that can move the needle and bring in income.

Check out the rules I follow:

1. Email my list three times a week, every week.

For the longest time, because my email list wasn't the size I wanted it to be, I ignored it. I didn't communicate with those who'd elected to hear from me. It wasn't until I heard someone say, "The people on your list don't know how big it is," that it hit me: If I wanted my list to be a growing, thriving community where I could provide serious value to people and they choose to take me up on my offers, I had to start treating it that way. I'm on my third week of emailing you three times a week, and my opens have dropped a bit, but I've got people joining my list in greater numbers, and I'm hearing great feedback. 

2. Post on my blog 2-3x/week.

Sometimes it's the same content I'm emailing to my list, other times it's unique to my blog (just as on those days, I'm emailing unique content to my list). One thing I'm particularly excited about is the Lady Boss Inspiration interview series. I've published two posts and will be publishing more interview soon.

2. Post in my Facebook Group, VisiBiz Society, every weekday (at a minimum).

If you haven't joined us there yet, go ahead and request access. My group is a place for women entrepreneurs to get support to grow their service-based businesses. I'm sharing written posts, photos and live videos in the group that help my ideal client master their mindset, dream bigger, plan their marketing, build their team and make money.

3. Make offers daily.

Share value-packed content that leads to an offer. I do this in my email, in my Facebook Group, on Instagram, etc. What are my offers? Things like my 1-on-1 coaching program VisiBiz VIP, Grow Your Web Traffic 9x, Social Media Management, and more! Share a "big claim" for your offer, outline some of the features, and tell anyone who's interested to message you or purchase in your "shop." You may or may not share the price. (Share it if it's super cheap, it makes it a no-brainer! You can invite people to message you to find out if your price is hundreds or thousands.)

4. Add at least 1 freebie to my Facebook Group each week that I can promote outside of it.

5. Engage & promote in other groups at least every weekday.

Every day, I'm liking and commenting on other people's posts, posting stories, and making offers in other people's Facebook Groups. I'm adding at least one new freebie a week to my Facebook Group each week. This week, it's my VisiBiz Daily Planning Page, a PDF that my group members can print and use to plan their social media and marketing efforts, that I added to my group. I'm posting about it in other groups and letting people know that to access the tools and information, they can join VisiBiz Society. Within minutes of posting, I get new requests to join my group.

6. Welcome new members by name.

In my Facebook Group, I'm welcoming new members by name and asking them to introduce themselves. Then I respond and, if appropriate, do a little coaching via comments.

7. Post at least 5x/week on Instagram.

I'm posting selfies and other images to my Instagram with mini blogs in the caption about my life as an entrepreneur and how you can build your business. These auto-post as native Twitter content thanks to the magic of IFTTT. (Ask me for more if you need this explained.)

8. Use a system to plan and track marketing efforts & results.

I'm using a planning system of my own design that I store in a mini-binder to track my marketing efforts. You can get access to some planning tools in the Files section of VisiBiz Society, my Facebook Group. On another note, I'm working on turning the planner into a print version you can order through Amazon. I'm really excited about that!

Following rules like this in sharing my business with others make it easier to stay on track. And I've tailored them to what's doable for me right now. I'll consider these rules a "living document" that can change as my life and business does. For instance, one rule I'd love to add is live streaming daily within my group. I haven't found that to be right for me yet. But I expect that will change soon.

What rules or guidelines all your own can you follow to make marketing your business easier?

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What A Client Says...

When I posted this to LinkedIn, my client Matt wrote this glowing praise: