Watch how you ask for help. (And watch this video I recorded live in my Facebook Group yesterday if you can stand a few glitches.)

I mean, please dear god, ask for help when you need it. But let's talk about how you phrase your questions.

Someone asked in a Facebook Group, "How can I manage planning a wedding and moving all while running a business full time?"

Now... Again, I have no problem with you asking for help. More people need to ask for help. It's just that... The way you ask for help makes all the difference in the kind of help you'll get and the kind of result you get.

When you ask a question, focus on how you can achieve a positive desired result, rather than avoiding something you say you don't want.

Like, instead of asking "How can I keep from feeling stressed?" you ask: "How can I feel ease?"

So ask smarter questions. You'll like the answers better. And the thing about my anonymous friend asking how to not feel overwhelmed? She's already primed her brain to ensure she feels that way. Ouch.

Like the know-it-all kid in the classroom who waves their hand, impatient to answer the teacher, the Universe jumps up to answer your questions. The month of my life where the question on my brain every five seconds of every day was "what happens if I can't pay my rent?" was the month I learned what happens if I can't pay my rent. My world didn't fall apart but I know I could've saved myself a lot of heartache if I'd asked questions like, "What if a new client paid my $1,000 today?" or "How can I make $100 today?"

So what questions could you ask yourself to bring a positive result into your life instead of trying to avoid a negative result?

I've written to you today about the questions you're asking and how to rephrase them in a better way. If this struck a chord and you've realized you've been asking all the wrong questions -- like "Why me?" "Why not me?" "What if nobody signs up?" "What if I don't make any money?" -- I have an offer I really want to tell you about.

It's my Make $$$$ Your Honey Intensive.

I had one of these calls this morning and it was powerful. We looked at the questions my client had been playing in her head that have precipitated her lack of success selling out a new program. We wrote some new questions for her to recite, questions that invite the Universe to show her the positive outcomes of her deepest desires. She came to me clear on how much money she wants to make in a short amount of time. It will be an impressive feat when she pulls it off. We got her set up to take confident, inspired action to move her business forward and make some of those quick sales. I also suggested a few exercises to help with her mindset and reminded her to care for her body as she pursues this ambitious goal. I'll keep you posted on her success, but in the meantime, I know something shifted for her. As we were getting off the phone, this woman who has felt (understandably so based on her history) that God had forsaken her, said she realized God had put me in her path and that she was so grateful for the many gifts I'd given her. I'm not a devout Christian but what an amazing response to receive for giving her my time!

Go here to buy yourself a spot on my schedule for the Intensive. You'll also find more information there about the Intensive here too. If you need to talk it out to see if you want to make this investment, email me right now. We'll get you booked to talk. (

If you're asking yourself, "How can I make money today?" or "How can I pay rent for September?" then I had just the thing for you.

It's a 3-hour call with me where we dive deep into your mindset, your business and your current offers to see what positive inspired action you can take to manifest the money you need. I've talked about this a bit before. 

I had one such intensive this morning and it was powerful. I felt something shift for my client. I can't wait to share her success story. (She has a very specific goal of manifesting $8,000 in 72 hours so she can make her dream of moving to California come true.)

If this is something you want more details about, hit reply and I'll fill you in.