Do you need a reminder that you're a badass business owner? Taking action to get visible is easier when you remember that you've already done a lot of amazing things in spite of your fear. I was reading Rock Your Profits by Jeanna Gabellini in which she recommends writing a list of 20 things you've done that illustrate you're a badass business owner. Here's my list:

Here are just some of the ways I've proven myself to be a badass business owner:

1. Went from charging $500 for managing all social media to charging $500 per month per platform.
2. Sold a $6000 package to a client to originally found me on Huffington Post and asked me who to pitch there!
3. Got myself published on Huffington Post in June 2014.
4. Wrote a post for LinkedIn and landed [company] as a client!
5. Fired my first client (even though I later went back to her which was a bad choice).
6. Got over my fears and used Periscope, and even hosted 2 challenges!
7. Listened to the signs and set clear boundaries when I was in discussion with Letitia about working with her brand; I'm confident that worked out for the best. She wanted a lot from me for very little and then wouldn't pull the trigger and pay.
8. Started posting in Facebook Groups.
9. Landed a client I met in a Facebook Group who paid me to write sales copy for her. 
10. Signed up for, a strong first step to growing my team.
11. Hosted my first webinar in May 2016.
12. Rose above my upper limit problem and completed an interview for the Content Academy podcast.
13. Also got over my upper limit problem and appeared on Sandy Donovan's Blab show and then managed to look like an expert even after the surprise guests she brought in.
14. Set up my first website with my original URL: roselleleanor(.)com.
15. Migrated to a Squarespace site with the URL: rosellalafevre(.)com.
16. Created the Thought Leadership workshop.
17. Helped a client double her email opens!
18. Set up an auto responder to deliver lead magnets to those interested in Thought Leadership.
19. Set up my Facebook Group, VisiBiz Society for Coaches and Consultants.
20. Created my new core 6-month program, VisiBiz VIP.

The evidence is clear! I'm badass.

I have more items on the list, actually. These are just some to get your brain moving so you can write your own list. I'm keeping mine in my planner and on my Evernote account so I can refer to it when I need a reminder. 

What are some things that make your list?