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How to Know You're Meant for Big Success

How to Know You're Meant for Big Success

Even just 6 months ago, here’s where I was: Desiring $10,000 months. Not much more. Just enough to live comfortably. Serving clients alone. No help needed. Just doing my part to help a few clients.

I certainly didn’t want fame or feel called to have a major impact.

Except…. I did!

It was all there, beneath the surface. Beneath the need to be “satisfied” and “realistic.” I put them in quotes because they really are farcical concepts to me.

Are you ever truly satisfied? If NOT, you’re in the right place.

Does it boil your blood when someone tells you to be realistic? If YES, you’re in the right place.

Here’s what I know about myself and about you:

  • We’ve got something fucking important to say.
  • We’re changemakers.
  • We’re legendary leaders.
  • We’re blossoming leaders, always growing.
  • We’re meant to better the lives of millions while we’re here.
  • We’re here to rise from obscurity and share our message with the world.
  • We’re excited by the challenges we face in heeding that call to help millions.
  • We know the power in us to create our own realities.
  • We know the power in us to help others improve their realities.
  • We are meant for BIG fucking things in 2017.

I know I am these things. Am I right in my statements about you?

If this feels kind of true… Like you want it to be true… Then it IS!

You just need to embrace these things as part of who you are. Undeniable.

I want to help those of you who feel this way… You know you’re a BIG FUCKING DEAL and you want to make sure 2017 is the year that the world starts to recognize you.

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