This is a question that could change your life if you are honest with yourself. Here it is:


What changes could you make in your life and business to experience more ease, even if you don't actually see how it could be done?


For me, the answers include:

  • Hiring an assistant to schedule my newsletters and solo mailers

  • Having someone else edit my availability for Welcome and Discover Calls via my scheduler

  • Batch meals made and frozen in individual containers so that eating when hungry is easy & filling

  • Help with laundry

  • A housekeeper to clean my kitchen and bathroom

  • An assistant who could run errands like donating books and clothes when I'm in a decluttering mood

  • Help turning livestream videos I do into other forms of content

A lot of this can be accomplished by hiring an assistant with a will-do attitude. And in moments of fear, I get stuck in my head about affording the help, but I truly don't think I can afford to keep operating without this help. These tasks take up so much energy that could be better spent serving others.

Start getting clear on what you desire as far as assistance to grow your business, and all other things you desire.