A client wanted to increase her open rate and was worried that her emails were going straight to spam. She hired me to recover her "gone-cold" leads and reach more of them.

This week we sent our first campaign together. (This means I put her campaign copy into her email service provider and paid attention to the details such as send time and subject line.) With three tweaks we increased her open rate by 10% over her average open rate.

When you're doing email "broadcasts" as Ryan Deiss calls them or "campaigns" as Mailchimp calls them (there are probably 20 other names), pay attention to these three things:


If you've sent multiple campaigns in the past, look at the open rate compared to the time you sent the email. You might notice a trend like higher email opens when you send later in the day. That's the trend I noticed in this client's past campaigns. So I pushed the envelope and sent this email at the latest time of day she's ever sent a campaign: 8 p.m.


Your email subject lines matter. I'm at a loss to explain how this client was using her email subject lines but I felt her approach needed redesign. The email subjects that get the most opens are either Direct or Blind, which make your reader curious.

Example Blind email subject: "Will 2016 be better than 2015?"

Example Direct email subject: "To accomplish your dreams, do these 2 things"

To learn more about these email subject lines, I recommend you read Ryan Deiss' book Invisible Selling Machine.


I stripped down all of the formatting my client used to use on her emails. Now email readers can't tell until the open the email that it's a "bare" email, but I think stripping her email down to just text helped get it past spam filters.

Do you have any tips for send times, email subject lines and formatting emails that get you more opens? Or if your opens are lower than you'd like, what will you do to reach more people?

* Email open rate is not the only -- or even most important -- metric you should pay attention to; click-through rate is important, but you have to have more people open to have a better chance at more clicks!