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Hit PUBLISH Especially If It Scares You

Hit PUBLISH Especially If It Scares You

Hit PUBLISH. Especially, ESPECIALLY when you're scared.

The more I learn about triggers and Universal Assignments, the more I realize that people whose feelings are hurt by something are upset because they've just had a mirror turned upon them and they don't like what they see reflected back to them.

They are UNCOMFORTABLE because they do not like the self-belief that you've shone a light on. They are UPSET because they don't like who they think they are. They are BUTTHURT because, damn, they really can't deal with the TRUTH you've just shared.

And the more I push myself to be really frigging true to the messages sitting on my heart each day, the more I come up against this fear that people won't like what I have to say.


Because I KNOW that my mission in life, even deeper than showing women how to master their mindset and their marketing, is to push others to embrace their possibilities while enjoying their current reality.

With my mission in mind, I know that I cannot wimp out. I can't be afraid to push boundaries by pushing publish. I HAVE to get the fuck over myself and be OK with polarizing people, with making them face the false and fear-based self-beliefs that keep them from living the great possible life, and with losing friends and fans who don't like what I have to say.

When I stand behind my message, especially the ones that make people uncomfortable, I am standing up for the work I was put here to do. It's not really about me, it's about the healing that is meant to flow through me.

I believe I'm channeling Universe or God wisdom when I speak from a place of truth and love. When I am working with clients and ideas come about how they can expand their business or improve their mindset, I don't really think it's me. It's not *my* brilliance, but my intuition and channeling a deeper source.

And so, coming at content with this mindset, I am asking myself daily, "What do I feel called to talk about? What do my friends, clients, and 'fans' have to hear from me today?" I am sharing what comes up. And I LOVE when I feel like I'm about to ruffle some feathers. That's when I feel like what I'm saying is the truest truth I could possibly share.

So, feeling called to talk about something but you're scared to actually hit publish? I get it. I've been there. I keep pushing myself to end up in that space. And then I go ahead and hit "publish" anyway.

Give it a try.

I recorded a video about this today. Watch it here or on YouTube.

COMMENT: What do you want to say but worry it'll ruffle some feathers? What will you PUBLISH this week despite the fear? Tell us below.

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