I've got some advice that's going to sound weird… buckle in! Here we

I want you to-

IMITATE your way to success.

No, I don't want you to copy somebody else.
That's crap. It's not how you become successful. Success is truly achieved
when you have an amazing impact by being the truest version of you.

So lemme break it down:

I - *Incant* the power deep within you to affect the lives of millions
M - Master a *Message* to be shared with groups and individuals that
demonstrates your deepest-held beliefs about the possibilities of life and
the transformations required to get there.
I - Understand the *Impact* you desire to have and realize how much of an
*impact* you’ve already had on the world.
T - *Tell* the world what you can do for them, and share your message
A - Open yourself up & *attract* the people who most need to hear your
soul’s message.
T - Learn to *Trust* your ability & *trust* the results before they show
E - Live in such a way that not only are you *Energized* but you *energize*
others with your message, your talents, and everything else that you were
put on earth to share.

Sometimes we’re told to “fake it until we make it.” I don’t want
you to fake it, but it’d be great if you’d IMITATE it until you’ve
made it.

Imagine letting go of all fears and sabotaging behaviors that keep you from
the glory of high service rewarded by a growing number of raving fans and a
bank account that grows exponentially.

Seriously- ‼️?‼️
How'd you like to have a message you so fervently believe that you never
tire of talking about it AND all the money you could possibly desire comes
from sharing that message?

What would it mean to you to speak so clearly and powerfully in all your
content that your audience effortlessly grows?

Can you imagine how cool it would be to be recognized for your vital
message by...
Former coworkers?
Former schoolmates?
Former teachers & administrators?
Ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends?
Total strangers?
Book editors?
Conference organizers who want you to speak?

Imagine the interviews with newspapers, magazines, radio, TV shows, blogs,
podcasts, and web shows. Imagine the speeches given at career days,
TED/TEDx events, industry conferences, and libraries. Imagine the 100s or
1000s who will work 1:1 with you and experience a deep transformation.
Imagine the 1000s or 1,000,000s who might read your books or watch your

Are you ready to take the first steps to get there?

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