Do you listen to the urging of that quiet voice in your head? When you get an inkling, a nudge, to do something in your business, do you act? 

Periodically over the past few weeks, I've felt the nudge to email a prospective client I first talked to in 2014 to let her know about a deal I was offering on my coaching program. I held off the first few times, thinking, No, she's already committed to paying the full price as soon as her book is ready to go, and I'd rather have the full pay when she can offer it.

Today, I finally sent the email.

I don't know if the deal will hit her right when she's ready to take action, if it will push her into action, or if she'll write back and say she's still not ready. The point isn't to do it because you consciously know the results you'll see.

Cause that little voice? It's your inner business expert, the one who has divine knowledge we can't totally consciously comprehend. It knows things you don't.

It's the voice that told me to link to my landing page with resources for those who want to get published on Huffington Post in a Facebook group, resulting in many new leads entering my funnel. 

It's the voice that told me to post an article on LinkedIn that led a guy with a cool-ass tech startup to reach out to me about doing his social media. (This client is my longest-standing client and a true joy to serve.)

It's the voice that told me to write for Huffington Post, where clients have found me, turning it into a writing gig that brings me 1000s in income!

This voice doesn't always get it right, but it never hurts to give it a try. At worst, I've seen no results from something my inner business expert told me to do. It's never cost me money I couldn't lose (though occasionally it costs me a few bucks on a program that I decided to try that didn't work out). 

What's your inner business expert, that little voice in your head, telling you to do to grow your business?

Not hearing anything? Sit with your journal and a cup of tea and ask yourself, "What should I do today to grow my business?"

Then take action!

Want help prioritizing the flood of thoughts you're getting from your inner business expert? Or need help tapping into this amazing resource we all have inside? Share your inner guidance in the comments!