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LADY BOSS INSPIRATION: Magnetism Coach Lauren Joyce

LADY BOSS INSPIRATION: Magnetism Coach Lauren Joyce

In this week's Lady Boss Inspiration, I'm talking with Magnetism Coach Lauren Joyce. Check out our past interviews

I discovered Lauren about a year ago when her colleagues, fellow coaches who happen to be her friends, were posting about her intensives focused on helping women step into the feminine. I didn't really know what that meant, so I started watching her YouTube videos and joined her Facebook Group, (now called) The Feminine Entrepreneur Soiree. Her message has recently shifted and she's focusing more on helping women tap their magnetism to attract men, though she still talks about doing business as a woman.

I really love Lauren. I've talked with her a few times and each time, I come away refreshed and recharged. Read our interview here about how she does business and lives her life.

Lauren Joyce, Magnetism Coach, Answers Questions About Life & Business

Why are you in the business you're in? 

I believe that EVERY woman has the ability to create the life she desires, I believe it it meant to be easy and bring us so much pleasure.  This is NOT what we are taught growing up.  On a deeper level I believe that what the world, society and people need right now is more reverence, honor and love for the feminine, for love and for life.  That is what I stand for as a feminine woman.  And I truly believe in the power we have as women.  It is unmatched, it is also why we have been oppressed, burned,stoned and not educated.  I believe that when we awaken to this power that we have as women we will change the world.  THAT is why I do what I do. 

Do you have a team? If so, what have you delegated to others?

I do not have a designated VA at this moment, due to restructuring in my business.  But in the past I have outsourced: 

  • Email automations (just setting up the email not writing the content)
  • The technology part of my interview series
  • Graphics 
  • Formatting of E-books
  • Setting up back end stuff for preview calls
  • Social media scheduling

How do you manage all the stuff you have to get done in your business? 

I keep a pretty hefty to do list, and I have my weekly MUST get done list.  I love to write out my to do list in the morning.  For some reason I love to cross things off the list.  Sometimes when I do things, I add them to the list just to cross them off ;) 

What was the last goal (big or small) you achieved?

Being consistent in my Facebook group.  Since starting my Facebook community I have struggled to make the group fun - I wasn't having fun in it.  Therefore I wasn't being consistent.  But I have recently started doing FB lives and that is totally helping my consistency! 

How do you define success?

This is a great question.  As a recovering perfectionist I have a tendency to measure "success" by monetary, and number goals.  But I have found that only focusing on money always keeps success far off for me.  So I have learned to measure success by how I feel, and the impact that I am making. 

How has your mindset had to change to allow your success?

My mindset has changed so much through becoming an entrepreneur.  One of the biggest mindset shifts has been moving away from certain monetary goals and into how can I feel successful everyday? Also moving from external goals and focusing on how I FEEL.  

Who or what resources have helped you grow the mindset that enables you to succeed?

I love Abraham Hicks and Mike Dooley.  Those are two of my favorites! Also since I help women with tapping into their feminine, what helps me grow my mindset and enables my success is really fueling and feeding my feminine.  For me that looks like regular salt baths, massages, also incorporating more sensual activities during the day.  Sensual activities meaning; candles, delicious food, wearing clothing that feels amazing - just engaging all of my senses! Oh and making sure I always lead with fun, joy and pleasure. 

What does your life look like now?

My life is amazing! I travel the world and work with women from across the globe.  I have an amazing community of friends all of the world that I also get to travel with.  I make my own schedule and get to help women transform their lives on such a deep and profound level!

How is it different from your life when you started your business?

When I first started I was in so much fear, fear that it wouldn't work, fear around money, fear that no one would want what I was offering.  I was also more fearful of taking action.  I told you I was a perfectionist. 

What matters most in your life? How do you make time for what matters most?

Pleasure matters most to me.  Having fun! That is what life is all about.  I try to make time for travel and being with the people that I love.  I also make it a requirement to have a lot of ME time.  

What do you like to do in your "downtime"? How do you give yourself space to be away from your business?

In my downtime I am allllll about the self care and the being with friends.  I also love going on dates! Part of that is for research, and being single I am having a blast dating right now.  I have had some amazing experiences and been to some amazing places recently.  

Learn more about Lauren Joyce. Join her Group, The Feminine Entrepreneur Soiree.

You Are Worthy, Boss Babe.

You Are Worthy, Boss Babe.

"I Don't Know Where I'm Going Wrong." Lemme Help.

"I Don't Know Where I'm Going Wrong." Lemme Help.