On a call with a coach, I was asked: What did I want in the next 6 months?

Part of my answer: to be planning a trip abroad.

Why didn't I think I could have traveled internationally in that time?

"Because I 'think it more realistic' to be planning a trip based on my past," I said.

Even I, the braveheart who refuses to apply for the day jobs my parents send me links to, sometimes get stuck in "realistic thinking."

But realistic thinking is no virtue.

It keeps you small. Keeps you talking about traveling, buying that car or house,  and a big wedding.

Magical thinking is how you see the world, find love and make $1000s in days.

It can be difficult to subscribe to magical thinking and practice it alone.

I can support you in your magical thinking and dreaming big so you can live the life you know you're meant for.

This is something I help clients with in VisiBiz VIP, my 1-on-1 6-month coaching program for women entrepreneurs with a heart for service.

More about my signature program.

In VisiBiz VIP, we'll:
--> Push you to dream bigger and voice your desires so they may be fulfilled
--> Exercise your abundance mindset because believing you can have anything you desire is a crucial step in achieving your desires
--> Break through your fears of visibility so you can grow your business
--> Co-create a personalized success & marketing strategy to help you get visible and share your incredible work with the world
--> Develop your skills as a writer, marketer, seller, and more--> Learn how you can take control of your relationships, obligations and more to create the life you want
--> Train you to use email & social media to grow your business
--> Help you get major media exposure for your business
--> And much more!

Let's figure out if this is right for you!

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