I meet other entrepreneurs. They tell me what they do. 

Five minutes later, I can't remember their names or what they do or who they serve.

Have you noticed this too? You engage in conversations and you completely forget them later that day, maybe even 5 minutes later? You could blame how much you’ve got going on but part of you think it’s because they haven’t done that good a job of standing out.

And, OH.MY.GOD, are YOU failing to stand out? Do people forget YOU right after they talk with you?

Now, let me pretend to be completely humble and say: It’s possible that I have room for improvement in my own message and the way I talk about my business. 

AND YET! I'm damn and deeply sure that most people who encounter my content these days have a very clear sense of who I work with, what I help them with and what I help them achieve.

They know that I'm the Mindset and Marketing Coach to entrepreneurs and Blossoming Leaders called to better the lives of millions and who aspire to be Gold Toilet Rich. 

No lie, I’ve been publicly thanked in Facebook Groups for the content I share, which has added so much value to the members of those groups, and I’ve received private messages like one I got today that told me:

“Sending you some cheers and a high five for your enthusiasm and energy in biz lately. Keep up the great work! You are a refreshing face and vibe in a sea of coaching and that matters greatly.”

I am very grateful for these kind of responses to let me know I’m doing something right.

Showing up in a unique way, loud, and somewhere on the in-your-face scale is key to having a major impact and gigantic paydays.

Some of the hallmarks of my approach to standing out:

  1. Putting my name and face on my work. I’m constantly posting content with selfies so people see my face and can remember me rather than remembering the color scheme of my memes.
  2. Telling personal stories of failure AND success. I get unflinchingly REAL and share true stories from my life (and my client work), ESPECIALLY when I fear how the facts of a situation might make me look. If I’m a little embarrassed about something, I make it my duty to share the crap out it. This suits me as I highly value transparency and I’ve seen how much others respond to it.
  3. Having a message about the transformation that I believe is possible for any entrepreneur. It makes it clear to people what I see for them and how I think they can get there. All of my content revolves around this message and making it digestible for my audience. Get the Message Masterclass for just $47 >>
  4. Using me-specific words and phrases. Using words and phrases like “Gold Toilet Rich” and “Blossoming Leaders” make me stand out. People can’t forget “Gold Toilet Rich.”

Don’t settle for being just another health & fitness coach, or another marketing consultant, or another business coach. Don’t let yourself blend in. Or worse... 


Out of business. Out of clients. Out of money.