Last week I was in discussion with a new client. She asked me questions about social media marketing and the results she can expect, and I was telling it like it is. Then she sent me this message:

"Totally agree! You're so refreshing. I am so glad I got on your Periscope because you are a night and day difference from the other 5 people I chatted with this week. I knew instantly I had to work with you."

It really, truly made my day. I *had* to take a screenshot of this message from her so that the next time I feel anything less than confident about my abilities, I can whip it out and remember that there are people who want to work with me thanks to my visibility efforts and my style.

Later that night, she posted publicly about engaging my services and told others "I'm so glad to have her on our all-women team and to have connected with her and seen her AMAZING skills at work."

The next morning, someone who friended me on Facebook after seeing me in a Facebook Group she's in commented on a post where I mentioned the challenge I did last week. She wrote, "I really did enjoy your [Challenge] and learned a lot from it. Thank you! When my mind goes in a negative direction, I'll immediately know how to change it in the positive direction now. You're great at what you do. It's obvious that you love what you do and that it's your passion. You're easy to talk to... and you made me feel feel really comfortable. You're very approachable."

Again, it made my day!

When you're putting out free content and hearing crickets, you may wonder, What the fuck is the point of this? Well, let me tell you! This is the point! Giving people a taste of who you are so that they become raving fans! It doesn't happen right away but if you get visible in a highly consistent way, you'll start to get feedback like this from total strangers!

It's a mind-blowing thing, and so beautiful.

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