In my post on Friday, I promised that I would tell you a story today that I've held off from sharing out of shame. But I'm sharing it as I drafted it a few weeks ago, no edits.

A few months ago I found myself with 2 clients and a lot of money stress.

I'd let it happen because I was tired of serving clients in the ways I had been.

As a marketing consultant, I was taking on any paying client and letting them decide what they needed. I even occasionally let them decide the budget.

It was all wrong and I knew it.

I wasn't happy with the clients, the work or the amount of money I received in exchange for all my stress and effort.

I envisioned something new: a 1-on-1 coaching program where I help women business owners with their entire marketing machine.

While I worked on the creation and launch of the program, I figured I would take on 1 or 2 more clients for social media management. (I'm good at it, it just did not excite me anymore.)

I pitched the leasing company I rent from on doing their social media again. (I'd done it before under a different consultant who subcontracted to me.)

The guy who runs the leasing office and whose family owns the company met with me and we discussed the company's needs and mine.

We came to an agreement that I would help the company in exchange for rent credit. I'd also serve as his assistant for a few hours a week for cash.

Do I wish I were independently wealthy so I could solely focus on growing my business? You bet!

But alas, I'm not (yet!) and knew that this arrangement would be flexible enough for me to work on growing my business the way I wanted. I knew this was right for me and accepted that I'm doing it just for a "season" of my life.

I'd managed yet again to avoid my deepest fear: losing myself to a soul-sucking full-time job.

My family still puts in its best efforts to get me to take a full-time job but I know myself -- my desires, my history, my abilities and my behavior -- well enough to know that would be a nightmare. I'd lose my focus on building something for myself and settle for less than I truly desire.

I'm not foolish enough to believe that everyone with a job is actually happy where they are, but I do consider myself brave enough to risk it all for my greater happiness and satisfaction.

And yet, I know how powerful it is to not worry about paying your bills and being able to eat.

The two flexible part-time gigs I'm still working have given me the freedom to be worry-free financially and also choosy about which clients I take on.

What could be possible for you with a flexible schedule and fewer money concerns?