90-Day Coaching to Change Everything in Your Life & Biz


What would it mean to you to make limiting thoughts disappear? To divorce self-doubt? To see everyone in your world as a happy co-conspirator to make your life extravagantly, toe-curlingly, nose-tinglingly fucking amaziiiiiing?

These shifts make the following happen for you:

  • Clarity on your purpose and your why
  • Excuses go *poof* before they've even fully formed in your mind
  • Conscious communication with your higher self to co-create your life
  • Knowledge of exactly what you want 
  • You forget what you even had a beef with that loved one about and you're ready to call and enroll them in helping you change the world

The ultimate act of self-care is accessing your godliness.

Godliness is when you're so focused on good feelings that you have accessed higher consciousness. Because when you access that higher consciousness, you're bending the world by the might of your positive vibration. You've stepped out of victimhood and into godliness. 

You do life instead of life doing to you.
^^^ THAT is motherfucking godliness.


Let me teach you practical ways to access your godliness. Follow me for more.

And read the blog post I wrote today called "Access Your Godliness and Ditch the Need for Approval." Even if you don't relate to needing others' approval, you'll come away having shifted something. Active link in bio. http://www.rosellalafevre.com/blog/stop-needing-approval


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