Marketing Intern Wanted


You're pursuing a degree in marketing. You love to study how businesses create and sell solutions to their customer's problems. And you're ready to experience how it's done in an online service business.

Annnnd... I need you!

Help this leader, entrepreneur and coach grow her community & turn fans into customers.

I'm Mindset and Marketing Coach to entrepreneurs and Blossoming Leaders called to change the lives millions through their services and products. My business is focused on helping people grow their own businesses that help others. The message behind all of my work: "When you free yourself of resistance and get into alignment, you'll be surprised by the magnitude of your impact and how quickly the Gold Toilet Riches flow in."

I seek a Marketing Intern to work 10 hours per month, assisting with the building of funnels, and launching new products in my business. The objective is to grow my tribe and sell more of my programs and products to help entrepreneurs do their own world-changing work.

Also, I would ask that you be available for a regularly scheduled team meeting (time on Sunday or Monday to be chosen to suit the needs of multiple team members). 

Together, we will:

  • Identify strategies to grow my community (as measured by membership in my Facebook Group and email subscribers)
  • Implement at least two funnels with lead magnets, one-time offers and other paid offers
  • Launch new programs and products to empower service entrepreneurs to grow their own businesses

Previous experience is not required. An interest in learning to grow an online business IS required. :)

This is an unpaid position, but I will provide career coaching (time designated specifically to helping you set and reach your career goals) in exchange for your help. Position is largely virtual, but if you're in Philadelphia, we'll have the occasional coffee date.

Also, after three months, if you stay on the team, I will begin paying you hourly for your work. Ideal candidate would be ready to start around Dec. 15. 


Apply here:

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When would you be available to begin working with me if offered the internship?