Bring your fantasies to life by mastering the mindset work done by 6- and 7-figure business owners

You're in the right place if you're a woman who desires, more than anything, to get Gold Toilet Rich while creating more in a day than most do in a year, and offering their own clients deep transformation. Here, you'll learn about our options for working together, and what others have to say about my assets and skills as a transformational coach.


Rose Gold 90-Day Coaching Package

Let's work together 1:1! My 90-day coaching program is open, and I'd love to discuss whether we're a fit to work together.

You'll achieve the following outcomes:
+ Define Your Purpose, Achieving Massive Clarity so You Can Take Serious Action to Build a 6-Figure+ Empire
+ Discover Your Path to Discipline, the Key Trait of Masterful Coaches & Majorly Successful Entrepreneurs
+ Conjure All of Your Wildest Fantasies in Life & Business, Making Them Real, by Mastering the Mindset Work of 6- and 7-Figure Business Owners
+ Rally a Community of Passionate, Fast-Action-Taking Mofos by Unleashing the Crazy Creatrix in You and Giving Yourself Space to Show Up as a Leader, Fully
+ Achieve Serious Confidence By Revealing Your Soul's Truth so You Can Help Your Soulmate Clients Transform

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Rosella = Clarity, Vision, Positivity, Generosity & Honesty

"You know how there are those people who are just different, in the right way, with their clarity, and vision, and heartfelt positivity? Rosella LaFevre is one of those precious few. I knew, when she was an undergrad frigging creating and running her own legit magazine, that she was gonna blow the world up with her good. I've known, over the years, that her generosity and honesty were taking her somewhere great. With the launch of Access Your Godliness, I see it in her eyes: this is her mission. This is what she needs to share, to help others shift to her kind of 'different.' What a beautiful thing."

- Cyndy Drew Etler, Bestselling Author of The Dead Inside


MyLifeElectric.PNG, My Membership Site

When you join, you'll get immediate access to tools to help you feel abuzz every day in life, including the Dreams Into Plans Masterclass & PDF, Journal Prompts for Breakthroughs, and an Easy Exercise to Release Pain and Self-Judgement. You'll also get access to tools to help you make money being you, including my Message Masterclass & 30-page workbook,  Roadmap to 1:1 Clients Video Masterclass & PDF, Thought Leadership Toolkit and Journal Prompts for Beyond Basic Branding. Members also get access to a Facebook Group, where I answer questions and provide additional support, and provide live trainings weekly.


Rosella: "Gifted with the Ability to Truly See all the Potential - in YOU"

"Rosella has been gifted with the ability to truly see all the potential in this world -- including in you. She provides deep, spiritual insight and support to those who are willing and able to take their existence to the next level. If you are ready to transform your life and thus, your world, Rosella can help get you there with her unique and genuine form of coaching, support and wisdom to guide you."

- Stacey S.


Immerse Yourself in Her Confidence-Finding, Courage-Inducing Coaching

"Rosella has the unique ability to draw out your thoughts and emotions and frame them in a way that not only makes sense but resonates with your purpose and goals... even if you aren't quite sure what those are yet. Her passion for helping others discover and access their best self is clear in every bit of work that she does. Immerse yourself in her confidence-finding, courage-inducing coaching, which is designed to give you a better way of life. I mean, come on...who wouldn't want that?"

- Sarah Grayev, Rustic Foundry Branding + Design