Hi! I’m Rosella, your Manifestation Teacher and

the Long-Haul Master

These are some of the lasting experiences I’ve created
using my 5-Step Manifesting Process:

> 8+ years of soulmate love

> 5+ years of freedom from emotional abuse

> 4+ years of Penthouse living

> Clients who pay every month for 3+ years


Helping You
Success in
Life & Biz


You want success in your business.

You want a rich, rewarding life.

You get to have these things.

You have asked to be, do and have a lot of different experiences over your lifetime.

It is my experience that all of those things you’ve asked to be, do and have, you will be, do and have (if you don’t already).

And I have a 5-Step Manifesting Process that I’ve followed to create every magnificent experience I’ve created. Actually, it’s less a linear process and more a set of ways to focus our consciousness as we “wait” for something to show up in our lives.

By focusing on those 5 things (Mindfulness, Creative Energy, Vulnerability, Surrender, and Self-Nurturing), I remained happy and whole before receiving my 8+ year soulmate love, 5+ years of freedom from emotional abuse, 4+ years of Penthouse living in Philadelphia, clients who pay every month for 3+ years, and a total experience of time abundance.

I know how to hold a vibe until a thing shows up in my external world, and I can help you do the same. It’s manifestation teaching with a focus on creating long-term sustainable experiences.

Let me support you. You’re invited to book a call with me now.

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