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This is your year to receive six figures each month with ease, while honoring your natural energy cycles and living a truly fulfilled life. You'll learn, through my mentorship over 6 months, to:

  • Fully understand your own needs and desires
  • Hear & feel the difference between your intuition and your ego, so it's always clear what is next for you to do
  • Create your desired feelings in any situations, which can dramatically change the opportunities and actions available for you, such as choosing to feel CONNECTED independent of external events actually brings you closer with people and allow your soulmate clients and new friends to reach you
  • Hold yourself in seriously high regard with no more of this "I'm a burden" and "nobody wants me around" bullshit you've been gorging on
  • Approach your anxiety and panic with curiosity, making way for the immediate shifting of these intense and draining emotional states
  • LOVE journaling as the ultimate tool for self-awareness, growth and financial gain
  • Create high-converting content in your sleep! Livestreaming, writing and all other content creation gets to be easy. This is the thing that has been truest for me all my life: sharing truth is easy. Through our coaching relationship, you'll absorb this same energy that I've always had which allows content creation to be easy and fun
  • Create new income streams and funnels through intuition so that you effortlessly reach your income goals
  • And so much more....

The entire process begins with this application for my 6-month 1-on-1 coaching program. I receive your responses (yes, my eyes only!) and will respond to either ask further questions or let you know if you're a fit for my 6-month coaching program. 

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We can reserve time on our discovery call for me to walk through with you some ways you can find the money.

You'll Thank Me 1,000 Times a Day for Showing You The Power Inside of YOU!


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