25 Blog Post Ideas for the Service Entrepreneur

If it's been a while since you posted a blog or you're just getting ready to launch yours, you may be dying for inspiration to get you going.

Here are 25 blog post ideas to get you going:

1. An article about the steps your reader can take to solve one of their problems
2. What's in my bag/makeup bag/gym bag; relate it to what you help clients with
3. Podcasts about [your topic] worth listening to
4. A play list to get your reader motivated to take action (if you're a fitness coach, a workout playlist; if you're a business coach, a playlist to get them hyped to get stuff done like Beyonce's "Run The World (Girls)")
5. A round up of free tools to help them get something done (could be your tools or tools made by other people)
6. A roundup of articles related to your subject that you want your readers to check out
7. Writing prompts to help your reader work through whatever issues they've got going on
8. Criticisms women may face as they go after their desires (as they lose weight, as they shed unwanted relationships, as they get to whatever good place they've hired -- or could hire -- you to help them get to)
9. Mistakes people often make in pursuing the dream or goal you help your clients pursue
10. The mistakes YOU have made along your journey and what the reader can learn from them
11. Your greatest success & the exact recipe that got you there
12. Best sites for [your audience]
13. Interview with one of your idols
14. Books you recommend to your audience [bonus points for getting super specific about the benefits from these books]
15. What you wish you had known when you started
16. Interview with a client of yours who has been successful in reaching her goal(s)
17. Expand on an old blog post with "# more tips to [achieve benefits]"
18. Questions you ask your prospective clients to get them thinking about what they want or why what they have doesn't work
19. A story about something that happened to you in the last week. What does it mean for the reader?
20. Organizing tips to help your reader achieve their goal or pave the way to achieve it
21. Mantras or affirmations to help them achieve their goal
22. Ways to celebrate when you've achieved your goal [address it to your readers' goals; help them see what fun it will be to achieve their goals]
23. # habits for highly successful [goal your readers are trying to achieve]
24. A roundup of quotes to inspire & motivate your readers
25. "A Guide to" solving their problem

What other types of blog posts do you write? What can we add to our list here?