My First-Ever Client Paid Me $3,000

I completely forgot so many of my achievements as I suffered from a thing called Beginner Energy! Now that I’m recovering, I’m getting my memories back.

Like… I’ve shared about my first client in my marketing consulting biz being a $2500 client but I completely forgot until I was discussing this on a livestream that I’d actually gotten a $500 deposit from that client before she later paid me $2500.

My first client in my marketing consulting biz paid me $3,000.

I didn’t have a coach at the time.
I’d never heard the words “limiting belief.”
I didn’t consciously think there was any reason I wasn’t worth it.

It wasn’t the easiest thing ever. It took awhile for me to receive the money after I’d started the work. And I’d had to do a little bit of money chasing.

But holding her second check to me, this one for $2500, in my hands? There was nothing like it.

Knowing I’d done this. I’d created it. That I could receive such a large sum!

The relief, the joy, the wanting to do it again!

And then somewhere along the way I started believing there were people who knew better than me and in listening to them and opening to their wisdom, I started to forget that I’d done this (or any other number of amazing things).

I refused to take credit for my own successes. I came to believe they were flukes. Or that I did something incorrectly because it didn’t go like ‘they’ said it could or should.

I constantly practiced the energy of being a novice, green and unknowing.

Now I know that it’s the curiosity of the beginner and the confidence of the old pro that you want to hold to create continued success.

It’s this blend of energies I carry in my relationship. Chris and I have been together more than 8 years and so I feel confident that no matter what we might face together we can actually face it together, and yet I have respect for others who’ve been in a relationship for 15, 20+ years and will, given the chance, ask them what they feel the keys to their longevity have been.

And we get to adopt this curiosity and confidence in our businesses too.

By being curious, you remain open to the support of a coach or mentor, but you must retain the confidence to go your own way.