57 Journal Prompts to Help You Make 1000s, Pay Off Credit Cards, Manifest Free Organic Food & More

I am a big believer in the power of journaling. It's a daily practice for me. With journaling, I have manifested free organic food, paid off credit card balances, and even manifested 1000s of dollars.

Today, I wanted to share 57 journal prompts with you that you can use to achieve similar things or your own totally awesome dreams.

57 Journal Prompts

1. What do I want to have today?
2. Who do I want to be today?
3. What do I want to do today?
4. How can I align with attracting $1,000 today?
5. What can I do today to experience more ease in my business?
6. I desire.... and more than that, I desire.... I desire... I desire...
7. What am I really, really, really good at?

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Do you have any favorite journal prompts? Is journaling something you take seriously? Let us know your thoughts on journaling in the comments!