24 Affirmations to Make $60k Months Easy and Fun (FREE AUDIO)

This morning I sat for a long time with my journal. Nothing new, if you know me. And even what came out in my journal wasn't entirely different from the usual for me. I am always working to improve my mindset, boost my confidence and pull my dreams closer when I whip out my journal. 

Today, I focused on what's been stopping me and how to move past that to manifest $60k months. Disclaimer: I have not YET made $60k in a month. In fact, I've not made that in a year.

So how to I dare to even think it POSSIBLE for me?

Well... MINDSET WORK, babe!

Here's a quick recap of the evolution of the goal: I journal what I wish to see in my life as though it's here, and I'd been writing "I make $1,000 or better each day." And one day recently, I felt called to make that bigger. So I started journaling "I make $2,000 or better each day." It honestly feels better -- even more doable -- than $1,000 per day. And honestly? If I reach for it and fall short? I'll still be grateful. 

I did the math and $2,000 per day is roughly $60,000 incoming each month. And the math shows at that daily income, I'd bring in $730,000 in a year. There's something soothing about that 7 for me... In fact, I'd be supremely happy if I made $711,000 in the next year; I often see 711 popping up for me. 

So, I did my mindset work today and created 24 affirmations or belief statements that will replace the limiting beliefs that have kept me from my money goals. I felt immediately how powerful they are and wanted to share with you.

Without further ado...

24 Affirmations to Make $60k Months Easy and Fun

  1. I make multiple offers per day, supported and excited by the structures I've created to support selling.
  2. I see clearly what products and programs to offer to be of highest service and receive the money I have determined to earn.
  3. I rely on God to magnetize the divine tribe + clients who are willing, ready and able to invest in themselves.
  4. I have unshakable confidence and faith in myself.
  5. I have faced my worst fears and proven to myself that I am capable of any action necessary to move toward success again.
  6. I prove to myself and demonstrate to others that you can be totally you, honest and raw, and make a fuckload of money.
  7. The more I show up in the world, the easier it is for God to draw into my circle those who I am meant to serve.
  8. I show up as fully as possible in service of my divine purpose.
  9. I am stretched and trust in myself to get a return on every investment, thus the money I need to invest shows up.
  10. Working with a mentor who helps me raise my vibration is as much as business expense as a lifestyle investment, and it is among my favorite things to spend money on.
  11. All things I spend money on are my favorite things to spend money on!
  12. It is easy to align to and receive $2,000 per day.
  13. Each day I am a new version of myself meaning my past is never truly relevant. I focus on the present and make my future always brighter through my works.
  14. I know everything I need to know; my work is to create and live in this moment. I put my head down and do the work, which is what I love to do anyway, and I am rewarded.
  15. I allow for my actions to build my community to be aided by the generosity of the Universe. It is as if magic acts upon my work to multiply the results.
  16. Products I created and leave on the market bring in 1000s in revenue each month; I enjoy examining which products sold best at the end of each month, and am surprised to see how many units of my older products and programs have sold.
  17. I baptize each day, each interaction, each result, each moment of my life a SUCCESS.
  18. I prioritize and make habit of doing the work which lights me up before anything else.
  19. Whenever I dare to "give it all away," I make near immediate financial demonstration.
  20. I'm pleasantly surprised by the warm reception I get when I initiate conversations with people and they reveal so much to me.
  21. I am my own greatest proof of my ability.
  22. My clients finally allow themselves to access the money, the audience, and the lifestyle they desire.
  23. I easily receive $60,000 this and every month.
  24. I rise each day, even moment to moment, above fear.

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