8 Money Blocks I've Identified In The Last 10 Days

Are you not making the kind of money you desire in your business?

You probably have money blocks!

What's a money block? Essentially, it's a mistaken belief that keeps you content with lack and struggle. It's the absence of belief in yourself or even a strong belief you're a failure. It's what your parents taught you about money or rich people.

Clearing your money blocks is crucial to your success.

I'm doing lots of work, both independently and with the help of my coach, to recognize my money blocks and clear the debris so that abundance has endless ways to pour into my life.

Here are some of the blocks that have come up for me over the past 10 days:

Block #1: Succeeding in business means proving wrong the people I love.

Success in my business means I'm proving those I love wrong for their long-held beliefs that a full-time job is the key to security and I fear the consequences of proving them "wrong." Many of my family and friends believe a full-time job working for someone else is the only way to be safe. They've seen me struggle with cycles of feast and famine, and always told me to get a job so I don't have to worry. Despite a deep, deep knowing that I would be (a) miserable and (b) really no better off financially with a job with an income ceiling, I've resisted. And yet, I've also struggled thanks to blocks like this.

Block #2: It is wrong for me to shine.

Outshining my mother. This is one that comes up often for people: the fear of outshining someone. I still live with the issues created for me by the narcissism and jealousy of the woman who gave birth to me and later disowned me. My mother struggled deeply with the favoritism my father showed me. She tried to poison me against him at one point and when that didn't work, turned my sister against me. If I am successful I must deal with the fact that I'm "better" than my mother with money and, perhaps more insidiously, my success would be her "fault" because her job put me through college. (You can learn more about this by reading Gay Hendricks' book, The Big Leap.)

Block #3: If I don't spend my money on others, I'm a bitch.

I would be responsible for spending my money on things I don't want to. If I access great abundance as I do believe is everyone's birthright, I'd have to be a channel for abundance to flow to my loved ones who struggle with lack. They would think me a bitch if I didn't provide for them.

Block #4: I have to put up with people who annoy me to make money.

Making lots of money requires me to put up with people I don't like or expend a lot of time and energy on my clients. I've had clients who paid me "lots" of money and they were painful to serve. I fear this repeating itself

Block #5: People, if they look closely enough, will see I'm a failure, stupid and not worth their time or money.

I have this fear of being seen. I'm actually fairly comfortable in big groups, and most fear interaction 1-on-1 with people.

Block #6: My successes have never been my own; but I'm great at producing failures.

When I was a kid, my mother did just about all of my homework, especially my projects. She took credit for all of my accomplishments and blamed me for my failures. Like, when I was in 8th grade, there was a speech writing competition for becoming valedictorian. I worked with a friend on my speech during lunch while we monitored the bathrooms. Then my mother took it and rewrote huge portions of it. She made me turn in her version. It still had some of the stuff I worked on with my friend, and my friend gave me credit for having written the speech but my mother loved to point out that she'd written it. How painful. It occurred to me that this is probably behind my issues with client results. I often feel like the clients I've worked with and the results they saw were either not impressive or I couldn't take credit because it's them after all. This becomes a bigger block because then I struggle to attract clients because I don't feel like the results I have to share are impressive enough to sell them.

Block #7: If I have money, I'll mismanage it and lose it quickly. 

When I was 14, I worked at the Environmental Protection Agency as an intern getting paid $9.75 an hour. Over about 6 weeks, I earned approximately $1700. My parents opened a bank account for me and told me I could make one purchase with my money. I chose a video iPod. After that, when I wanted things they said no to, I'd ask why I couldn't pay for it out of my money. They told me I'd waste my money and I couldn't manage it myself because of my youth. My youth was their excuse, but I think that stuck with me and I'll never believe I'm old enough to manage my money. 

Block #8: My success will lead to my boyfriend's laziness & bad health.

My financial success means that my boyfriend Chris will be unproductive and lazy and ruin his health. He used to work at a car dealership where many weeks he came home with just $100 in his pocket after working 11 or 12 hours per day for 6 or 7 days. I was making enough to cover our biggest bills so we decided it was fine for him to take some time off to figure out what he wanted to do next. He did try out driving for Uber and liked it but it was short lived. He continued to sit on his ass until my dad lent us money to buy a junker car. I wanted to bring on clients so I could pay off my dad in full because I don't like us owing him anything. That didn't happen, so Chris was forced to go to work. He's delivering pizza which I don't think is really worth his time but I want him to keep making his own money and if I'm financially successful, he'll feel safe and quit and be unproductive again. That scares me.

The truth is, I've actually cleared many of these JUST by acknowledging that they've held me back. 

Then I worked with my coach during a process called Matrix Reimprinting to clear block #6. I'll tell you more about that on Monday.