Here's The Bat Signal, New Coach. You Can Get Help

I'm feeling frustration... Is it the frustration of the soul that's looking for my help? I'm here. And I'm ready to serve.

I also hear the potential judgment this post could receive. "Who does she think she is?" "What a weird thing to put out there!" And "What does she even mean?"

Part of being of the highest service is doing things that make no logical sense as he next step toward your desired outcome.

Part of it is saying the thing you're pretty sure sounds absolutely insane to everyone around you.

So... I'll say it again: I feel a frustration that doesn't feel like my own. It's not of me. It must be of another. And it's possible that being an empath living in an apartment building, I'm getting it from a neighbor. But as soon as I acknowledged that it doesn't feel like my own frustration, I got the knowing that it's the frustration of the person searching for me. (Not that they know it's me, necessarily, and it's totally not about Rosella the human...)

Here's the bat signal. I'm here.

I'm ready to help you set up firm boundaries, do the most daring things imaginable, and own your desire to serve. This is all for the New Coach ready to get her first clients who pay in full with no fuss.

For the woman ready to take back control of her schedule (and LIFE), retire her hubby, show her family (future & already breathing kids) what an empowered and rich woman looks like, and who knows she is meant to impact the world on a really big scale (though maybe it's a hazy picture just yet).

I feel your frustration, and I also know how YOU can let that go.

Let's make it happen.