How To Be You

Funny topic, huh?

I can't believe I've gotta talk to you about this.

Seems so elementary, FUNDAMENTAL. 

Your 'thought of the day' is meaningless when you don't back it with your experience.

Maybe I read like a bitch writing this. Probably I am but I care too much not to teach you about this...

Your value is your experience in life -- every minute you've drawn breath on this Earth -- and how you couch that experience in a way that others learn from it.

No matter who you are, how you make money or even how much money you make, you have SO MUCH TO GIVE.

Why don't you believe it?

What do you tell yourself about that?

Is it a story like, "I don't even want the life I'm living, why would I share it? Who would want this?"?????????

I need you to look back at your life 3 years ago. Your life may have radically changed in the past year even, but let's look at 3 years ago...

What has changed since? What was new and exciting to you at that time?

THAT version of you is who you need to talk to.

Tell her how you got HERE where you are now.

Tell her...
The twists + turns.
The wins + losses.

Imagine you could make easier the path from 3 years ago to where you are now, and collapse the timeline by talking to her.


What shouldn't she do?
What should she do?
Where can she improve her thoughts + actions to get great results faster?

Share that!
Share the gold you've mined from your life experience with everyone.

You may not be able to tell all of this to a younger version of you, but you CAN share it all with Julia, Lauren, Erin or whoever else out there is where you were three years ago.

All of those SHEs could use your help, your guidance, your care.

Am I getting through to you yet?
Do you GET it?

THAT is your power.

THAT is why you're here in this world: to live your life, learn the lessons, and share it all with the world to help others live their best life.

Let me lead by example...

Last night, I was waiting for a food delivery. (We order out often; I really only want to cook when I'm inspired -- not every time I'm hungry -- and that works for me.) So anyway, as I drafted a text message to the guard in the lobby to let them know a delivery would be coming, I had to choose a word to refer to the floor I live on.

See... three years ago my boyfriend and I moved out of the apartment with his mom and her boyfriend on the lease, where we were sleeping on couches, into our second apartment together. We still live here. It's a little small... a studio apartment... but it's on the top floor of a high-rise in Northeast Philadelphia, overlooking one of the city's beautiful parks, with a balcony, and what was (3 years ago) a totally brand new kitchen and bathroom with motherfuckin' subway tile. DAAAAAAMN, Gina. We were so excited, and relieved, and did I mention EXCITED?! A space of our own again, that we could do with as we please, and where we were meant to be. And another cool thing: while the 8 floors between the ground floor and mine had numbers on the buttons in the elevator, the button for my floor said "PH" for penthouse, AND you have to swipe a key fob to even PRESS the button for the penthouse! Like, kind neighbors who live below us who get on the elevator first ask where we're going so they can press the button for us, and we have to say, "I've gotta get it, thank you!"

Like... We're fucking special.

But OH.MY.GOD. do I freak about that!!! As in... I don't want to be obnoxious.

Chris has, for the past three years, called us "penthouse people," with ownership, pride. And I couldn't. I couldn't even call the floor we live on anything other than the 10th floor. I would never dare say penthouse.

So as I drafted the text last night to the guard... I realized why I wasn't just typing the word "penthouse." It dawned on me that I had a block about referring to my home using this one specific term for fear of sounding like a pompous jerk.

As soon as I realized WHY I wanted to censor myself on this (and have done for years), I also realized I had to push myself to do it, even if I was squirming. Because my next level? It may be a bigger apartment... but it's definitely going to be on the penthouse floor. Because after all...

I'm a fucking penthouse cunt. (Who's also generally really approachable and cringing slightly at my own use of the four-letter C-word.)

And as I write this, I realize that perhaps the "key" to upleveling into a bigger apartment, which has felt out of reach for me, was deciding that I AM a penthouse person. 

Owning who you are, after all, is one of the keys to getting what you want. At least that's what I believe....

I journaled last night after I hit SEND on the text to the guard calling my 10th floor the penthouse. I KNEW then that I have to start showing off my home. It's something that Rosella from 3 years ago was SO FUCKING excited about she would have been talking on Facebook Live about it for an hour or more. She was so excited to have this beautiful new place to call home. And the only reason I haven't felt that way in a while is because it's so NORMAL to me now (the size of the apartment at least, and the unique features of it, if not the penthouse status).

Because I'm a woman who takes action on the intuitive guidance I receive, I shared a photo of my gorgeous park view and a snap of the lit-up button for the Penthouse floor on Snapchat and Instagram Live today. And I'll share these things more regularly because my current NORMAL was new and exciting to Rosella from 3 years ago (and probably to at least one of you reading!).

In fact, writing the paragraph above about the high-rise, subway tile, park view apartment that I was feeling so dull about got my blood racing. I'm turned on when I tell you about this amazing thing I manifested for myself and my boyfriend.

Shit, I forgot to mention the WALK IN CLOSET.

All my life I DREAMED of a walk in closet. NOW? It's my fucking *normal* reality.

Like fuck me! I FORGOT how AMAZING my life here is. THAT makes me a bigger bitch than encouraging you to share more of yourself (no matter what language I use to tell you this) or even calling myself a penthouse person.


I've been SUCH a bitch for a while now.

THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS. THIS! is why I want YOU TO SHARE MORE OF YOU. I want you to be YOU in this way because it's not only what everyone else wants and needs from you, but it's also what YOU need.

So... Do you get it NOW? 

Have I made myself abundantly clear?

I think so... I'm off now to post a pic of subway tile to my social media. ;)