BEST Way To Stay Exactly Where You Are (A.K.A. Why Your Desires Feel So Impossible)

The BEST way to stay exactly where you are is to practice BEGINNER ENERGY.

BEGINNER ENERGY is an attitude toward our past, current and future successes where we feel like we’ve not accomplished anything of note, and that there’s so much more we need to know to be able to accomplish anything. This attitude or energy is created by our repetition of disempowering thoughts and then reinforced by our life experiences (which are created by our thoughts). It is not a necessary or required attitude, and it’s not even a helpful one. Because Beginner Energy is the practice of powerless ignorance instead of empowered curiosity.

BEGINNER ENERGY is primarily a focus problem. We focus on our blind spots and areas of real or perceived inexperience, totally ignoring what we’ve done and done well, so that we can’t feel confident.

And here’s something really worth noting: BEGINNER ENERGY can surface and be practiced again at any level of your life & business. Because it’s not actually about you being a beginner at something but feeling like you don’t know anything.

REMINDER: Beginner Energy is created and sustained by the repetition of unempowered thoughts and the act of dismissing previous successes.

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