Do You Recognize These Thoughts As Your Own?

Do you recognize the following thoughts as your own?

> I’m nothing special.
> I’ve done nothing special.
> It’s crazy to think this will work. 
> I don’t know enough. What else do I need to know?
> This just isn’t working. Why isn’t it working?
> What’s it going to take?
> Is it too much to ask that I ____?
> What am I doing wrong?
> There are too many people doing this work already. There’s no room for me.

If these are thoughts you’re hearing often, then you’re probably practicing BEGINNER ENERGY.

This is a phenomenon that keeps us stuck wherever we’re at. It’s unnecessary that you stay stuck.

When these kinds of thoughts pop up and are not immediately dismissed with intention, they repeat and repeat and become your energetic state -- the state of BEGINNER ENERGY.

Once you realize that Beginner Energy is created and sustained by the repetition of unempowered thoughts and the act of dismissing previous successes, you have the key to shifting out of Beginner Energy and into PRO ENERGY.