I Protested Choosing a Niche, too; Here's What it Cost Me

For so long I resisted choosing a type of person I wanted to help. I knew I wanted to help people and I even sensed that they should be entrepreneurs (because I love talking about money), but I wouldn't let myself get more specific than that.

"I help you build a rosier life and business," I'd say.

What does that actually MEAN, Rosella?!

The problem is it really didn't mean anything. And I was terrified to get specific because I was afraid of being wrong. Of promising a specific result and not delivering. Of promising a certain transformation that never would never happen.

Because I didn't believe that I could set the intention to foster such transformation and results for my clients and actually deliver. Because I feared the consequences of working with people who paid me "a lot of money" and didn't get the results.

So I'd cower, and be really vague, and [get this!] NEVER get past $2,000 income. Never sign the soulmate clients who feel more like sisters and best friends (complete with periodic sisterly triggering of each other that actually makes our growth happen). I made whatever "little" money I was making serving random marketing consulting clients, long after I wanted to be DONE doing hands-on marketing services for clients because it was the only way I was allowing any money to reach me.

I promise you that my failure to move past my fear of being wrong, to move past the fear that I couldn't be loved and respected as a coach and foster clients who get results, into speaking really specifically to one type of person I wanted to support and exactly what my support enables them to do? This failure to get specific (again, a *symptom* of my fear of being wrong & therefore unlovable) has cost me an easy 6-figures throughout 2014, 2015 and 2016.

So? Push yourself.

Ask, "If I were being 10x (at least!) as specific as I'm currently being about who I serve and what I help them to achieve, what would I be offering?"

Start talking about that stuff.

Now? I help New Coaches ready to receive their first clients who pay in full with no fuss, receive an easy $10k or more each month, and do it all while enjoying 8 hours of sleep each night and plenty of afternoon walks with your boyfriend.

What is YOUR specific pitch?