Building a Community that Welcomes in High-Vibe, High-Achieving, High-Earning Soulmates

Let's start with a question.

Who do you want to be surrounded by?

I know who I want to be surrounded by: my soulmates. My soulmate tribe is a place for amazing women (men are welcome, too) who live in a higher vibration, who are confident and powerful, who create more in a day than others do in a week or even a month, who speak (and write) their truth completely unfiltered, who have the means and willingness to invest in themselves again and again, and who empower and heal others through their very existence.

Let's assume, because I really believe in my power to call you in, that you were drawn to this because you're one of these women. You're a high-vibe, high-achieving, high-earning (or soon to be!) woman.

I know so much about you.

You've tried to be somebody else, to show up as a facsimile of someone you admire (or multiple someones), and you felt the hollowness of that approach to business. So you decided, at some point, or will soon decide, to show up 100% as yourself. Maybe you're showing up just, like, at 75% of who you really are, and you're committed to unleasing the full 100% of you. Actually, 1000% of you, because you KNOW the world needs more you.

Some part of you really does UNDERSTAND that you are important and special and that you, just by living your life, will make the world a brighter, better place for other people. (How fully are you owning this knowledge? I know you're going to journal on this right after you're finished reading...)

There are parts of you that felt broken or wrong for years, and as you heal these parts of yourself, you share. You point a camera at (or paint a picture with words) the process of reglazing the masterpiece that is you and share it with others. You know that where you've felt pain before, many others feel it too, and that a crucial part of healing is simply knowing you're not alone; so you show up and let those who suffer where you've suffered know that they're not alone.

You've got something big to say to the world about how to build a better life, business and/or body, and in service of this mission, there's truly nothing you won't do. Or you're quickly arriving at the point where there is nothing you wouldn't do in service of the mission. You know you've been called to serve the world with this specific message. And you're tired of waiting for the right conditions; you know, in fact, that you must MAKE the right conditions for your mission to take on a life beyond your own.

You help others, especially those from whom you seek support in some measure, to reach their goals, to live in service of their own great mission. In fact, you really only want to be in the playground of life & business with others who are aware of their mission and living it daily.

Actually, you never really understood those who don't live like that, in service of a mission, with complete and total ambition. You watched, agape, as people said, "I don't have time for that," but somehow managed to binge-watch TV or whatever. The people who, not even doing anything important outside of their classwork, barely managed to get Cs. Or even, those who got As but weren't doing internships or getting real-life experience in some way. Like what's the point of making good grades if you don't have the work experience? But really, you just couldn't understand how someone could say something was important to them and then not follow through or prioritize it.

The cool thing? Watching these... civilians, who couldn't do battle in service of loftier ambitions... you learned amazing things you don't give yourself credit for.


Powerful boundaries. You have your own strong internal boundaries and won't compromise other people because you're full of integrity. You get this because you were asked to share the answers to the homework, or to do the lab report, or for all the secrets to your romantic success, by people who wanted to take advantage of your ambition without putting in their own work. Because of this, you refuse to ask too much of the coach you haven't hired yet, or to even flaunt your offers in groups where you're a guest. You honor the work that others with ambition have done, and you wouldn't dare cross the line. (In fact, on rare occasions when you realize you have, you're totally mortified.)

Respect for the hustlers. Your rockstars are the people who see what they want and go after it, ceaselessly. You don't underestimate them or assume it's just been given to them. You realize more than anyone that those who have what you want did the hardest work there is to do: allowed themselves to have it. And this earns them all the respect you have to give.

A knowingness that you're not meant for the stuff the civilians are. While, admittedly, this knowledge isn't always a comfort, it IS what will help you achieve the amazing things that I know you will. You recognize that for many, the most amazing day of their lives is the day they wed or the day their kid was born, and that the rest is really just working for someone else, taking on way too much debt and being miserable and stressed over how to stretch the measly paycheck to cover everything else. Truthfully, even when you're sad you weren't invited to a civilian friend's wedding or wondering if you should be married already to the boyfriend you've been with for nearly a decade, this knowledge lets you know you're different. You're destined for more because you just can't settle like the others.

So here's how I create space for you, how I've built and sustain a community for women like you.

1. I lead by example.

Everything I want from and for you, I achieve and allow for myself. I want you to share your truth daily, so I do. I want you to show up 1000% you, so I push myself every day to do the same. I want you to make your own rules in your business, so I do the same in mine. I want you to receive your own tribe of amazing, soulmate clients, so I call you into mine. I want you to share your message & mission in amazing ways that stretch you, so I do the same. I want you to feel supported and understood through all the messiness of expansion, so I share the messiness of my own.

2. I don't create rules around how you show up.

You don't need to be told what to do or have their visibility (or anything else) policed by someone else. And you won't stand for it. You won't show up, or even exist, under anybody else's rules.

You aren't trying to co-opt anybody's audience, because you know you don't have to force anything like that. Your content creates buzz simply because it's worthy of buzz, and people, being inherently 'nosy' will find and follow you everywhere because your message SPEAKS to them. You give them opportunities to invest in themselves through you, and offer them new and exciting ways to become more fully a part of your own community.

So I let you be. I create content of my own and show up with tools & give you the training I know will help you get the greatest results and I trust that you'll avail yourself of these tools & training and use it as you need. You are a masterful implementer and ambitious student, so I know my stuff always lands on perky ears.

But again, I'm not policing you with rules.

3. I call you in every day, and allow you to find me when you need me.

It really is as simple as "everyone" says. I wake up and align to being the leader of a community full of amazing women just like you, whom I've described in great detail above. I journal about you, imagine you, write to you, and then I actually TALK with you, too.

You are a fucking rockstar and I love you madly, deeply, truly. We're so much alike and I am grateful to receive you in my life. I'm honored to speak, write and create for you each day (because really, it's as straightforward as speaking, writing and creating for myself).

Life is magic, and I'm excited to share it with you.


Oh, and always trust-

Your truth unlocks a whole big crazy cool life. Share if you dare!


With fervent hopes you'll return the love (truth),