Compassion Can Taste Like Bitter Medicine

Compassion doesn’t always look like kindness.
Compassion can actually take on the sound of harshness.

A mother knows this. When you scold one of your children, it’s not because you don’t love them, it’s because you do! And children may shout "I hate you!" to the parent providing discipline, but have you ever met a child who doesn't receive discipline? They also hate their parent, and it's a deeper wound than the child taught a boundary feels.

So with powerful coaches, the women whose calling is to help us grow much the way our mothers did, we get to make peace with the fact that their compassion doesn't always taste like chocolate. Instead, it can taste like a bitter medicine.

Occasionally they’ll say something that smarts but it actually giving us greater smarts!

You get to, in turn, show yourself deep compassion, and let it be OK that you were operating from a flawed premise or mired in a "but I'm doing all that I can!" attitude, and let it be OK to change and grow from that place.

It's truly a beautiful process.