You Love the Ingredients? Trust You'll Love the End Result

Sometimes I avoid cooking with every ounce of my energy.

Other times I get creative.

I rarely follow a recipe.

When I cook, I enjoy seeing a whole lotta options in my fridge and getting inspired to combine things in a new way.

They're not ideas I get from outside of me.

I just decide that, Oh, I like that and that and that, I'm going to put them together like this....

When I cook this way, I don't necessarily know what it will taste like but I have faith that because I like the individual ingredients, I'll love how it all comes together.

It occurred to me that that's how success is--the mindset coaches all talk about imagining how your desired manifestation will feel and I can find it hard to tap into that at times.

Just because it feels hard to imagine the taste (or feel) doesn't mean you can't figure out how to put everything together in a way you'll enjoy.

You get to create this whole thing any way you desire, and it's not important that you follow a recipe.