Exercise Your Creative Power On The Page To See It IRL

Y'all haven't met me yet if it's news to you I love journaling. (They really need to update the dictionary with the word "journaling." It's a thang, Merriam-Webster.) Anywho...

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I kept a diary on and off as a kid, but I wasn't consistent for more than a month or two at a time. (One of my favorite books -- before it became a movie -- was Princess Diaries, and just like Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, I'd keep dated & time-stamped entries that indicated which class I was in at the time.) Most of those entries were gossip about others, boring play-by-plays of shit happening in school, bitching about my sister or mother or father, and mooning over the latest crush.

Those old diaries didn't see me exercising my creative powers very often.

Here's what I mean by creative powers: As we all have a connection to the Universe and our thoughts create our reality per the Law of Attraction, we have the option of using our brain power to focus on what CAN be, instead of simply what IS. Your journal can be a powerful tool for helping you unleash your creative powers to bring into your life all the Rosier Results you can imagine.

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We have the option of using our brain power to focus on what CAN be, instead of simply what IS.

I've been writing in my journal basically every day for the last four years, and my "style" has shifted a few times over the years. At first, I was mostly filling my journal with quotes from people I admired and my own creative ideas for businesses, products, and blog posts. Then I did more gratitude lists than anything, and took notes on Livestreams and other content I was consuming. I tried other prompts and things.

Right now, I start my day with the prompts that make up Jeanna Gabellini's Speed Dial The Universe journal. The way her prompts are organized open me up to imagining the creative ways that my dreams might come true.

Seriously, more than ever before, I'm EXCITED to wake up in the morning because I know I'll be doing these pages again.

Three elements of the journaling I do each morning seem to encourage me to get especially creative.

1. Assign tasks to the Universe.

There's an exercise in the book, Ask and It Is Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks, and that exercise requires you to decide what you'll be responsible for the day. There, on the other side of the page or spread in your journal, you list all the other things that must get done that day, which you're handing over to the Universe. This is essentially that. I choose my main 3-6 tasks for the day (these are the essential things I want to get done before anything else), and then I list other things for the Universe to handle. I've listed things such as arrangements for a trip to Paris, getting my website back up, and handling my food and drink for the day. And I swear this works. Here is my evidence: A couple of days after delegating Paris to the Universe, I got an email from the visitors bureau there. A day or two after delegating getting my website back up, the payment to Squarespace cleared, getting my site live. Within minutes of delegating food and drink, I was handed a stack of coupons for free coffee at Dunkin' Donuts. You CAN delegate to the Universe and see things manifest quickly.

2. Set an intention for one AWESOME thing to happen THAT day.

Ask yourself, "Wouldn't it be awesome today if ________ happened?" What WOULD be awesome? Be ludicrous. Issue your DEMAND, diva. Today, maybe it's someone gifts you a jar full of ONLY red Starburst. Tomorrow, you win a Lincoln MKZ in a luxury car giveaway. Big or small, it doesn't matter. Just experiment with what you can order up from an infinite menu of options each day. One day, I wrote... "Wouldn't it be awesome today if... the doorman called to tell me there's a package for me, and it contains a MacBook Air in rose gold!" The next day, I had a conversation with someone and dared to ask for the object of my desire. He agreed to get it for me.

3. Think creatively about how the puzzle pieces can come together to give you something you want.

Normally, Law of Attraction experts tell you to "fuck the how." Figuring out the means of a desired manifestation can block you from receiving the thing you want. But that's because we usually try to FORCE the things we want through a pinhole when the ways in which something can come to us are truly infinite. So, ponder the possibilities. What's something you want for yourself? Let's take my desire to write a book and have it traditionally published. (I've self-published a YA novel and I'm not above self-publishing additional books, but I'd also really love to work with professionals at a publisher like Hay House.) So let's go with that.... And what's an opportunity within reach? Speaking at an event.

So what if I spoke at a local event with a fashion bent? A local magazine editor comes to the event and tells her friend, who works at a major women's magazine in the website department about my presentation? That editor does her research and sees my blog. She reaches out to ask if I'd want to write a column for Cosmopolitan.com. I write a column and my posts become some of their most popular content. I even start writing a column for the monthly print magazine, and THEN an agent comes calling. She and her friend, an editor at Hay House, are both in love with my work and they want to turn my writing into a book. Are you down, they ask. Ummmmm, YESSSSSSSS!! Can you imagine? I certainly can!

Go ahead, journal about HOW... the crazy loops & twists your fate can take to bring you to the destination you desire.

You just might start to realize that you love the journey as much as you know you'll love the destination.

I feel exponentially more creative since I've made these a regular part of my journaling ritual. This is an especially fun way to start the day, but could be a great way to shift your energy before bed too. The point is...

You have amazing creative powers. Are you flexing them? [click to tweet]

Here's why I think these exercises really work:

A) The thought processes open you up to new possibilities. It's a chicken-and-egg sitch, honestly, because you have be open to start journaling this way. But once you get started, such creative thoughts will flow easily to you. They'll pour out of you, really.

B) You feel the FUN. When you're having fun with something, more of that energy (good stuff) wants to come your way. (Someone who has fun with money, even if they don't meet another's moral standards, will make more money than the person who feels they have to tightly manage their money and feels the resulting anxiety of trying to manage a thing that wants to move around.)

C) You've released your attachment to the HOW. Yes, even if you do exercise #3, you'll be releasing yourself from the WAY a desire manifests. Law of Attraction experts often preach nonattachment but fail to describe a process for releasing yourself from emotional attachment to its manifestation. These journaling exercises help me do that.

Go ahead and exercise your creative powers on paper today.

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