Do What You Know To Do + Let It Go

For about a week, I've wanted to watch Diary of a Mad Black Woman. When the impulse occurred to me, I looked for it on the usual apps -- Netflix, Xfinity, etc. No dice.

Today? I'm like, I want to watch something. I'd forgotten about Diary of a Mad Black Woman; was wondering, what will I watch? I opened the Xfinity app and browsed the movies section for about 0.5 seconds before I saw it there.


It's easy, so it must be right that I watch it today (and not last week when I first felt the impulse).

You may be thinking, Rosella, you could have rented it from Amazon! I honestly didn't think of that option last week.

And that's how it happens sometimes: We acknowledge a desire, we try the ways we know of to fulfill the desire, and if those don't work, we let go of the attachment, knowing that when it is right and easy, it will happen.