DESPAIR & MANIFESTING: Can I Receive My Desire If I Feel Bad Before I Have It?

I lay on a twin bed, plastic mattress cover crinkling as I rolled over. The 8th floor corner dorm room, larger than most other rooms in the building, was dark. Earbuds in, I listened to John Mayer crooning and I felt hot tears slide down my cheeks. Feeling so alone, I cried for the love I felt promised to me in all of the love songs I’d ever heard. And I wondered, where the hell is he? The mythical He.

Three months later, I was home in my old childhood bedroom (painted with glorious pink stripes before my parents separated), and I saw a guy had checked out my profile and he too was a writer. I sent him a message and hours later we were on our date listening to The Get Up Kids in his car.

Three more months later and he and I lay in the dark in another bed — his Queen bed — and listened as the iPod Video plucked from my library the song “Yellow” by Coldplay. That night we chose it as our song.

See, I experienced despair as I prepared myself to receive my dream partner, but I always held out hope. I deeply believed that if it were POSSIBLE (and everything is possible!), then eventually it *would* happen for me that I’d find love.

And because I did the five things I always do when I’m calling in a big life-changing experience I want to stand the test of time, I found a solid love much earlier in life than many others do.

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Rosella LaFevre