What a Foxy CEO Knows About Excitement...

Excitement plays a big role in the life and business of the Foxy CEO. Let's get clearer on what the Foxy CEO knows about excitement. Our awareness on this greatly increases our ability to recognize it and to transmute the excitement into incredible results. Let's take a look...

...Her Own

The Foxy CEO knows that her excitement gets to be a compass. The overall direction of her life, let alone her business, has to feel electric. From there, the 'smaller' steps and projects also gain momentum from the spark of excitement.

She also understands that, as Robert Heller said, "Fear is excitement without breath." Therefore, both her unbridled excitement and her fear act as signposts pointing the way.

Before making a decision for herself, her family, her business, her team, her clients and/or her public, she checks in on what she actively desires. That shapes everything.

She knows she is capable of sustaining excitement, and that, if her excitement about something dies, it's safe to end the project or end the contract or whatever else to release that obligation.

...Her Team's

The Foxy CEO knows that she serves best when unencumbered by the tedious administrative tasks that can be effectively handled by another. So she outsources those responsibilities, because they take away from the time she can spend on projects and elements of her business that excite her. 

Providing fair compensation to others to handle the things that do not excite the Foxy CEO is one of her favorite things to do. She loves writing those checks, paying those invoices, and seeing that money pass from her bank account to those of her team members.

A Foxy CEO also checks in with her team regarding their excitement. What kinds of work are they most excited to do? Are they excited about the goals that she has set for the business? What results are they excited to help her achieve?

Knowledge of what excites a Foxy CEO's team members enables her to leverage their passions as well as their skills for the greatest rewards. 

...Her Client's

The Foxy CEO knows that her client's excitement follows her own. People become her client or customer because she aroused their excitement with an irresistible offer. (Truly, she has aroused their excitement by helping them to access a visual of themselves at some future date

She intimately understands what turns on her clients. This is *not* different from understanding what turns HER on.

Additionally, the Foxy CEO knows that her client is, truly, most excited about gaining access to her and becoming more like her in at least one way. This is why, when her excitement for something dies and she says sayonara to a program or product, her client is amenable. Any way she sees fit to move forward, her soulmate clients will be good with.

...Her Public's

The Foxy CEO is excited to reach more people while maintaining an awareness that not everyone is her soulmate client. So she shows up and talks to her public as though they are her perfect soulmate client. This means talking about the things that excite her and allowing them to 'infect' her public with excitement. 

Recognizing that there are many roles for members of her public to play, she is excited to activate each. And by sharing her own excitement, she moves her public to take action in multiple ways beyond simply purchasing her offers. She values the other contributions of her excited public: their sharing of her content, their referring of friends to her business, and much more.