The Kind of Time Travel You Can Do...

The frequencies of success, love, joy, support and 'good shit' are woven into your history, and we can go back in time to pick them up and carry them through to your next level and beyond.

I realize I need to highlight this feature of my coaching: For the first 2 weeks (minimum) we're focusing EXCLUSIVELY on your past successes.

You have had successes -- guaranteed -- and you (might) need help to remember them and focus on them, feeding on the energy of your own successful past.

We're NOT healing past trauma (at least not directly or with any conscious effort to that end) and we're NOT going into your future -- yet.

We're going to write the story of your past from an entirely different angle than you've been telling that story from. You're amazing and it's about time you REMEMBERED that.

Let's do it. Ready to decide about my private coaching package?

I have private coaching spots available. This is unlimited access to the support you need. How is your life changed by working with me? Let's look at all the ways...


Through this work, you will:
+ Master my 5-step creation process that lets manifesting your dream life & business easier than ever before
+ Translate anxiety-inducing thoughts into guiding principles that help you live your best life
+ Feel more connected to your body and worship it, giving it what it needs so you're able to give your best self to your work & your relationships
+ Manifest a new love or heal your existing relationship 
+ Double or triple your cash received and know that it's sustainable
+ Grow your communities (FB Group, email list, etc) with engaged people who appreciate the work you're doing in the world
+ Sign up clients who buy from you repeatedly or stay in your high-level, private programs for 12 months+
+ Create a stable of core offers that feel really good to you to sell
+ Ditch the pattern of selling something for a short while and moving on before you can get the results you desire
+ And so much more!

You get:
> Unlimited Calls
> Unlimited Text/voice message support


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