Getting Feminine as Fucq with Jacquelynne Kristen Holmes

In a short time, one woman has had a profound impact on my life. Her name is Jacquelynne Kristen Holmes, and we met by divine design through Facebook and a mutual influence.

For now, I wanted to give you an inside look at how we talk to each other. (You got this earlier today in your email if you're on my VIP List.)

We check in daily via Voxer (a voice and text messaging app I used for close friends and my coaching clients), and here are some screenshots!


See... Great friendships happen when you get out of your own way. This is what Jacquelynne and I have taught each other. And along with a great friendship come so many other amazing improvements in your life.

I totally credit the way that Jacquelynne and I hold space for each other with the shifts that I've felt in my relationship. My boyfriend and I are in our 8th year together and we're finally giving up the 'Rosella does allllll the housework' dynamic we used to have. Hallelujah!!

THIS is one of the things I'd be most excited to hear has changed for you. How might you get there?

By joining me and Jacquelynne for FEMININE AS FUCQ. This is a 21 day program we're hosting live in a Facebook group, and we're going to hold space for you as powerfully as we have for each other.

The goal? To bring you into Full Possession of Your Body By the Woman You Are Meant to Be. The woman who is self-assured and practices high self-regard, has lasting relationships with other empowered women, and more deeply feels supported by her romantic partner and others in life. This program is about transformation in the realm of connectedness. You will feel completely immersed in a supportive community, and magic will happen.

We won't look the other way where toxic relationships are concerned either. We're fur sure going to cover how to let go of relationships that no longer serve you, and the ones that actively cause harm to your psyche.* You deserve to feel part of the fabric of an amazing tribe and we're so excited to initiate you into it.