The Guidance You Need is Inside of You

If you're lost go and get direction from elsewhere.

THAT is what I hear when I see others advising you "Ask what they want from you" about what content to create, whether free or paid.

This is the thing I heard everywhere that I should do at earlier stages of my online business, and it has NEVER worked for me.

This tactic didn't work to increase engagement on my free content, drive sales, or accomplish anything ELSE except keeping me stuck, spinning my wheels, worrying about how to give more value, and why nobody would buy the stuff I was creating when I thought of them first.

Now, there was the fact that in the beginning, my audience was nonexistent and the few who I attracted into my circle were just like me: broke, stuck, uninspired, and completely out of alignment. How could they know what they wanted or needed? And were they even my ideal client? Important considerations, these.

Asking in others' groups did nothing. From what I saw at that stage in my life, people are sensitive and cautious about revealing what they actually need, or simply incapable.

They might share with the person who is an obvious success with 6- or 7-figure revenues in their business the truth about what they want to learn from that person, but they're much less revealing if you don't have that flashy success. NOT to say you have to magically reach that 6- or 7-figure mark before you can help people. (This is not a chicken and egg situation.) We'll get to that...

At the time when this advice kept popping up and I thought it was wise, I was (although I didn't realize it then) SO CONFUSED and OUT OF ALIGNMENT, that any 'guidance' I received from people watching me as far as what they wanted from me was just as confused and out of alignment as I was at the time.

Those individuals who had some surface level belief about what they needed? They are often focused on the wrong thing. Now, it can be important to know what they *think* they need (other marketing gurus call this insight as "what the client wants"), but the stuff they ACTUALLY need? You'll KNOW that, and be able to deliver it, when you listen to intuition. The quickest way to silence intuition, I've found, is to seek others' input.

Finally, doing this leaves your own excitement out of the equation. At one point I was a marketing consultant and so I was known for handling social media, email marketing and other content needs. But the way people wanted all of that from me? It was soul-sucking. When things are that painful for you to create and/or provide, they won't get engagement or sell.

If you crave helping others transform

If you crave going to bed feeling really happy with what you've created

If you crave a success that is deeper than simply money earned

You CAN'T do content creation or product creation or program creation this way.

Begin asking yourself what YOU want and need to say, write, create. You may find it hard to trust that voice at first; validation addicts need time to break the habit. But start now. And flex that muscle. Ask yourself every day, even multiple times per day. And act on the answers.

Give yourself space to sit at your keyboard and write what needs to come out. Or press record and let it pour out of your mouth.

I can't tell you how much sooner I wish I'd heard THIS advice and taken action on it, instead of trying to strategize my way to an empty success, I'm co-creating it with some magical inner force and it already feels deeper and more powerful than everything I *tried* so hard to create according to others' rules.

Oh, and always trust-
Your truth unlocks a whole big crazy cool life. Share if you dare!

With fervent hopes you'll return the love (truth),