Let's Talk Happiness...

I just saw a Happy Anniversary post on Facebook and the lovely lady was publicly proclaiming, "I couldn't be any happier!!"

Sweet and wonderful, and we're so happy for her, right? Well, well, well...

While I'm always overjoyed to know that two lovely people have found each other and make each other's lives more pleasurable, I was quickly hit by the secret sadness of the phrase, "I couldn't be any happier."

Do you see it, the secret sadness?

She's put limits on her potential for happiness.

I get it. She's not alone, and she's not doing it to herself consciously. We think before examination that this is a really sweet thing to say. (This is because we also wrongly assign credit for our emotions to other people.)

Do you really want to say, "I can't feel any happier"?

You can always be happier.

Our capacity for feeling ANYTHING, and especially GOOD emotions, is infinite. Don't you actually want that to be true? (I believe it is, and author Gay Hendricks, who wrote The Big Leap, does too.)

Now... Just because you aren't the happiest you'll ever be (because we want it to get better and better!), doesn't mean you're not the happiest you've ever been.

Say what you mean. If you want to let someone know that you appreciate them being in your life and that you're happy with them, tell them accurately. "With you, I'm the happiest I've ever been," or, "I love who I get to be with you."

Let's look at your limits, while we're at this. Journal on this...

- When in my life have I felt the happiest?

- Do I believe I can feel happier than that in the future?

- Is it safe for me to experience greater happiness than I felt in those moments?

- Am I holding off on feeling greater happiness in this moment?

- What am I waiting on to make me happy?

- What, actually, is happiness? How do I experience happy?

- How can I experience happiness right now without the external trappings? {HINT: It's your choice to simply feel it right now.}

I'm aware that some people shut down at the word. They don't really know what happiness is. In fact, I think happiness may be just a bandaid word, covering up other really amazing feelings, such as:

* Amusement

* Awe

* Excitement

* Hope

* Joy

* Pleasure

* Pride

* Serenity

If happiness isn't something you can wrap your mind around, substitute one of those above emotions in the journal prompts.

Really, I want you to wrap your mind around your capacity and desire to feel unlimited happiness, awe, serenity, pride, or pleasure. And that you have this capacity to experience it RIGHT NOW, with no difference in your external circumstances.

Oh, and always trust-

Your truth unlocks a whole big crazy cool life. Share if you dare!

With fervent hopes you'll return the love (truth),