Listen to My Latest Session with My Coach

On Friday, I told you about the money blocks that have come up for me over the past two weeks, and I told you I’d show you how I’ve worked through some of these with my coach.

Working with a coach can be an incredibly powerful experience, and today I’m sharing my experience in a new way.

I started working with Dr. Jen Cincurak, ND about 6 weeks ago, and we’ve had 4 sessions. Our work together uses a process called Matrix Reimprinting.

The results are incredible.

I’m 10 times more confident. Actually, I experienced that shift through my last session alone. We did this work which, in a nutshell, involved me giving myself permission to shine bright like a diamond (yes, I’m singing that lyric as I type this to you).

That very afternoon, I had a meeting with an agency I’ve partnered with before about a potential client project. It was the first time I’d ever had a meeting to discuss business and didn’t freak out. I was calm and confident. I easily finished the sentence, “I’m really, really good at ______,” and continued talking about my knowledge base that would make this a smart investment for the client. And when it came time to discuss my fee, I quoted a price and didn’t shake. I actually felt like it’s a really good deal in terms of value received by the client, though it’s still a great amount of money for the work I’d be doing. I eagerly anticipate a yes from the client and partner in the next couple of days.

I’m 10 times more confident.

I’ve also been able to get intimate with my finances in a way I never could before. I used to freak out about checking my account balances (even when I knew for sure I had a positive balance), and I was terrified to check my credit score and find surprise student loans (I was blessed to have tuition remission in college, so I didn’t need student loans but feared I had accidentally gotten saddled with some). In the last few days, I’ve registered for, a free money management tool that kicks serious ass, and also checked I’m getting clear on where I spend my money and I’m paying attention to my net worth every single day. (The goal being to increase it each day.)

The Powerful Practice Changing My Life: Matrix Reimprinting

It’s probably best for you to experience it by listening to the podcast, but I’m giving you a summary of what it looks like. Matrix Reimprinting leverages sense and muscle memory to uncover watershed moments in your past that need to be reframed. 

Typically, Jen opens the session by asking me what emotions I’m feeling at the moment. Then she prompts me to describe the way that emotion registers in my body. “When’s the earliest you remember feeling that way?” is her next question. 

A memory comes to mind, and she asks me to go into the scene, freezing everyone but my younger self. Young Rosella gives permission for us to do some work with her; that work is a process called Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as “tapping”). 

Jen leads me through the EFT, creating the “script” on the spot, and then we use EFT again with me saying anything else I think Young Rosella needs to hear. Usually, Young Rosella needs to hear how life turns out after that pivotal moment.

We’ll tap on other people in the situation as determined by asking Young Rosella. Typically, for me, the answer comes as a *knowing* where I get a person’s name or a strong sense that no, no one else needs it.

Then, we’ll ask Young Rosella how she needs the situation to go to feel really good about it. And we “rewrite” memories that have haunted me. As I experience the positive emotions that Young Rosella wanted from the situation, we’ll “imprint” the new scene using a color and a meditation Jen guides me through.

In this particular recorded session with Jen, we worked on a situation I encountered in 8th grade where my mom hijacked my valedictorian speech. She had a habit of doing my projects for me and taking credit for my successes. Let me tell you now that I was completely surprised by a revelation that struck me about my mother’s motive for doing what she did!

You’ve just gotta listen.

Rosella LaFevrecoaching, Coach