Keep Selling Even If It Doesn't Look Good

I've been selling a workshop that covers a soul-led practice for cultivating the leader within. And let me be very real. I haven't sold one spot yet.




I have sold many services, digital products and workshops before.

This is a powerful workshop I'm allowing to flow through me. I first felt passionate about the topic.

Roz Ware sparked this whole thing when she asked me what I thought made someone a leader, and I was appalled at the answers that flowed through my fingertips.

And when she asked what my new conscious image of a leader would be, I knew instinctively to grade myself on those attributes.

I saw exactly where I could consciously improve and claim myself a leader.

It was exhilarating and I wanted to share this with others who have always wanted to be, say, a best-selling author, or an in-demand coach, or a leading spiritual teacher. All of these things and many other 'big' versions of self require you be a leader.

I've created a practical, easy-to-use journal to accompany the workshop.

I even set the date for myself that I'd go live in the workshop Facebook group with a 'pre-work' session.

Did I cancel or let myself off the hook for going live with the prework when there was no one to notice that I didn't do it at the time I publicly committed to? Nope, I actually went ahead and stuck to my word. (And that's a full-on, very important message right there in itself: Keeping my word matters to ME if no one else.)

Have I stopped talking about this, and making the offer? Nope, I've continued to talk about it.

Could I wait to share this until after I've sold some spots? Maybe.

But here's what I know:

There are a lot of you out there in a dead panic because your thing, whatever it is, isn't selling.

It feels quite a bit like the world is crashing in around you.

And maybe you're supposed to 'learn' and stop talking about it and switch to a new offer.

I KNOW that's where you're at.

I've been there. I've let myself get freaked out and stopped selling something because I thought there were signs telling me to.

But now, I know it's my job to maintain enthusiasm, to connect personally with how my offer and the thing I'm creating is going to change the lives of those who DO say yes, and to take the actions I know are right to launch it.

And the real, delicious KNOWING that came to me today: I'm already the 'next-level' version of myself, doing the work and maintaining faith, and the 'world' is 'catching up.'

I get to feel really good about who I am BEING.

Comment below and let me know if this changes anything for you. xoxo