Where Law of Attraction Teachings Fall Short

What teachers on Law of Attraction and manifesting have you listened to or read from?

Those who teach “The Secret” repeat many of the same concepts, of course.

But I was stuck for so long. Listening to Abraham Hicks would give me little bubble bursts — little light bulb moments — but nothing big shifted.

I struggled to feel good. Struggled to feel confident. Was burdened by many things about which I told myself, “this is what I have to do to make money and survive.”

I mean, I love Abraham Hicks, and I’m not ‘picking’ on anybody. But something was missing for me.

So many teachers of the Law of Attraction fail to make it practical or actionable. Of course, it’s all about our thoughts creating reality, right?

But for me (and others), here’s where manifestation/LOA teachings often fall short:

** The dichotomy between the notions that we must accept full responsibility, and yet trust the Universe/God. This creates too much confusion. “Is it my fault or God’s fault I don’t have what I want?” I can’t tell you how many times I asked myself that question.

** Too often, LOA/manifesting is talked about in terms of ‘positive thoughts only.’ But how do you think positively when life sucks, when times are tough, when money’s tight, when food is scarce, when nobody is listening and nothing is working?????? Haha. I’m poking fun a little, but seriously! It can feel simply IMPOSSIBLE for someone who is struggling to ‘just think your way rich’ or happy or healthy.

** LOA teachers say, “be ready and it will come.” But what about when you keep insisting, “I’m ready, I’m ready,” and it doesn’t show up? And how long is it supposed to take before it shows up? A mindset strategist I know has talked about “do the work and clear the blocks and money should show up in two days; if it doesn’t, you didn’t clear all the blocks.” I can’t tell you how that fucked with me. I’ve now spent years TRYING, exerting real EFFORT, to move past the blocks I saw all around me, and until a month ago, I kept thinking it was all about having to clear the blocks. Really, I was stuck feeling like “I have so many blocks, I can’t do this.”

There are a few key realizations that hit me all at once that put everything I know about LOA and manifesting into very practical and easy-to-understand terms.

Before those realizations, I felt constantly wrong. Wrong for…

- Wanting more, never satisfied with what I have

- Not having the financial numbers I call success

- Refusing to cut out family and friends who I recognized suffer from poverty mindset. It seemed like all the Law of Attraction teachers wanted me to cut them off, telling me I couldn’t get what I want until I did

- Not meeting goals when I set them and for not setting them when I didn’t

- My inability to control my emotions, especially fear

- Being unable to ignore literal hunger or a turned-off internet connection in favor of “happy thoughts”

Thankfully, I’m over all of that. And I’ll share more in future posts.

For now, I’d love to have this continue as a conversation in the comments. 

Where do you feel manifestation teachings fall short? What has kept you confused and stuck? Share if you dare ;)

Oh, and always trust- 
Your truth unlocks a whole big crazy cool life. Share if you dare!
With fervent hopes you'll return the love (truth),