Let Me Look Into Your Soul

Let me look into your soul.
See you.
Know you.
To experience your full glory.
Let all of us do this.

Share more of you. 
Be daring.
Unmovable in your persistence-
That you have gifts with which you help others transform their lives.

You do.
You do not need healing.
You are whole.
And it is time to disentangle your self-worth from how much money, how many clients, how many toys your kids have, how often you currently get your nails done.

Can you stand in that "I am whole and healed and perfectly imperfect and worth more than all the diamonds and gold and kettle-cooked popcorn in the Universe" energy?

There is divinity. 
And there is your access point to all good "results" you've been craving and "trying" to manifest.

I am so bored with all the hype. All the coaches who glorify the hustle to the point of making you feel worthless because you don't have (or SEE) money (all around you and totally yours for the taking). I know they're working and showing up the best way they know how to create their own success.
And I have had my love affairs with the coaches out there preaching hustle in their way that bred in me a deep comparisonitis problem. And finally I received and began to embody the knowledge that I wouldn't feel satisfied with any success I achieve until I feel satisfied without it.

The meaning feels lost between my physical experience of this shift and how I am now trying to explain it.

The best I can do is invite you now to join me. Come into my world and let me translate this to you through a real energy exchange.