Making Sales (And Getting Paid In Full) Can Be EASY And It's Best When It IS Easy

I received a $6k client with no more than a brief email exchange after they saw me on HuffPost.

I received a $16k+ client (we're still working together!) after they saw a post I published on LinkedIn.

Making sales doe NOT require you to:
*gasp* be a total original
*gasp* work overtime to convince the other person
*gasp* totally undervaluing yourself (actually it requires you valuing yourself appropriately)

It doesn't even require you to hire a coach **GASP**

I made those sales, and many more, before I worked with a coach.

Each time a sale happened with great ease, I was happy serving the client. When I worked overtime to convince the prospect to buy, the client became a nightmare. When I changed a price I quoted because of their nagging, I ended up resenting every hour I spent working for them, and the hours felt never-ending on the packages I accepted half the original quoted fee for.

When the sales process hardly even feels like sales, that's when you know the client will be a joy to serve. Not because of the money, but because of their nonresistance (and YOUR own!).