First, a quick story:

My boyfriend and I took a walk to Dunkin' Donuts and Saladworks. As I walked home with Chris and my Greek salad with Brussels sprouts (no onions and peppers), I caught myself feeling worried about money.

This worry we get around money can arise whether we have $0 in the bank or $100,000,000 in the bank, just as peace around money can exist even when you have $0 in the bank.

So on the brisk walk home as my cold brew nearly froze my hand, I coached myself in my mind. I decided/affirmed/knew that I get to feel about money however I WANT to feel about money.

It was in shifting this for myself in the moment, that I knew I needed to record this meditation.

And the super cool thing? My Ease of Money meditation costs less than a Dunkin cold brew, black with extra sugar. ;)